Do you look like your pet?

As I laid my head on my “dog pillow” the other day, I noticed  that our hair consists of the same colors (blonde and black).  It made me recall  a meme, post, article, or video that I have seen that showed numerous pictures of dogs and their owners with very scary resemblances. I began to wonder if there were other similarities… while my mouth is always open like hers seems to be, ( I talk ALOT) I think I have a bit better control at keeping my tongue inside my mouth. Then again, I also think  people that know me in real life have plenty of pictures of me sticking my tongue out.  (Not sure if it counts that I stick my tongue out on purpose, I think my dogs tongue just hangs out.)  I don’t think my ears are nearly as big, or my nose for that matter, but we definitely have the matching hair color thing going on.  By the way, my GSD’s name is SNUFF.

My other dog is D.O.G. (not dog, but each letter individually, D.O.G).  I think she thinks her name is MOVE, GET OFF THE COUCH, and YOU’VE GOT TO BE FRICKING KIDDING ME, though.  She looks at me whenever I say those things so maybe, poor D.O.G.

dog soloActually there is nothing poor about D.O.G., she is spoiled rotten. She is allowed on my bed, she gets lifted into the car, she even sits in the front seat, and for being the smaller of the two (three if you count me) she is the ruler of the “bitches”.




I will save the discussion of my three cats for another day, but Foxy, the white one, rules the whole house.  As usual I digress….

So about D.O.G…..

I have always been an animal lover, but the last dog I had was hit by a car, and killed while a friend was “petsitting”.  (That was almost 15 years ago.)  It took me seven years before I could bring myself to get another dog, and the initial reason I got her was for companionship when my MS put me in a wheelchair.  Over the years, we have become codependent.  I don’t like to sleep without her and she doesn’t like me leaving the house without her.  So I guess it works?

dog and mom
Isn’t she cute?

OMG am I ADHD!!!  The point is, do I look like D.O.G?  If you ever saw me “precoffee”  I am sure I do.

I love how her teeth are spaced like that!  And ok maybe we both have a face that only a mother could love 🙂

So that’s it!  That’s my life in a nutshell.  Beautiful children and animals, coffee and cigarettes, and lots of horrible prescriptions for a nasty monster of a disease.  MS really sucks!my life in a nutshell

When I was telling a friend about the do pets look like their owners meme, she says, “Oh yes, I can totally see you and snuff… even cock your head to the side like she does when someone is talking to you and you don’t understand”…..SMH FML and all that.

Thank you all for reading along.  One day I will actually get to the point of why I started this blog and talk about how to cope with MS, depression, ADHD, etc, but for now I am having so much fun meeting new people and those things just plain suck to think about.

Do you have any pets? Do you look like your pets? Do you know anyone who does?  Please feel free to share them to my facebook page if you do.  🙂





10 thoughts on “Do you look like your pet?

  1. Cute pups! Some people actually do begin to look like their pets don’t they! What a beautiful group of fur kiddos you have! My GSD is the baby of the house at 8 but also of the pets. The cats run him over, which is interesting as he weighs 130 and they weigh 8 and 20. Not entirely his fault tho, we were very active when I was healthy now I can’t even walk him so he gets short walks from others…we make do. He’s a champ about it and still guards me like I’m really something special. Although to him I guess I am. 😊 I think the cats love that we all stay in bed all day everyday. I think they’ve finally accepted me as one of their own.😂 Great pictures!! Thank you for sharing them!😊

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    1. Thank you! I certainly couldn’t do this without them! At one point, snuff was being trained as a therapy dog for me, she was doing great in the classes until I fell. She wouldn’t let anyone near me and actually took an “attack stance” to anyone who tried to help me up. She is the friendliest well trained dog I have ever had, unless I am hurt. TBH, That part is Kind of scary, she has definitely made it her JOB to protect mom.

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      1. They certainly are protective. We did all the socializing and training and ours still bypasses command when he feels like something is too close to me. He definitely has turned it up a notch or 10 since I’ve been ill. They just know we need protecting. GSDs are so amazingly awesome you can’t help but just let them do their thing, safely of course.😬 Have you heard of Baron the GSD on instagram? Such a great account for GSD lovers. Hoping today is a good one for you.

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