The Morning After….”THE VIDEO”

Yesterday, I posted a video I did as a self challenge to put myself out there and face something I was terrified of.  I didn’t watch the video again until today and this morning “Pre-coffee” I made another one after I finished watching the first one.

For anyone wondering “Pre-coffee” should have a clinical definition and be categorized as some other kind of disease.  ( At least for me it is)  I am not a doctor, so I won’t attempt a clinical definition….. but picture this….

Or check out other pins I have collected .  If you have any to share, please add them too!!…But I digress….I wanted to share some things I have learned both about myself, and about making a video, just from doing that ONE VIDEO….. Caution though…the following video was made PRE-COFFEE. (ok while having the first cup or I wouldn’t have been able to turn on my computer)  But as usual I digress…

Here is my second video if you want to see

Other things I learned from making the video:

  1.  How to upload a video
  2. I really DO NOT Enunciate ( which is why I attempted to add captions) to this one… not perfect, it’s alot of work, but yah I learned something new.
  3. I HATE  the way I LOOK and SOUND precoffee
  4. My goofy first video encouraged someone that I consider a VERY SUCCESSFUL blogger to try something she has been putting off…. DOUBLE WIN!!!!
  5. I’m gonna keep “doing me”.  I know that If I did this or that when making a video, it would be more successful, but baby steps for now.
  6. Drink coffee before EVER attempting to blog or video

Ok Now I’m just rambling…. Thank you again to everyone that is following me on this adventure!!!! I am really enjoying it and learning lots of new things!!!!!





11 thoughts on “The Morning After….”THE VIDEO”

  1. Welcome sweetie. You know, you’re one of the rare ones who pronounced my name correctly, which is quite unusual for the English-speaking world. Bravo to that.
    As for the new video, you kind of caught me off guard. Didn’t expect a new one so soon, but I’m glad you did it.
    Hope you’re feeling more comfortable in your own skin already.
    Way to go girl. Loved it.

    P.S. You sound pretty cool pre-coffee to me. I BITE, seriously. I don’t smile, I can’t talk (feel sort of dumb), so that was really brave.
    Now, the next step you should work on is getting more attention. The fist step is starting to follow more people to properly put yourself out there. I could recommend you some amazing people I follow and it works like the two of us did. Not only liking sb’s page but sparking up a conversation. I have an amazing crew. You gonna love them and I’m sure the feeling will be mutual because you’re an amazing person, Gracy.
    Hugs from me and talk to you later.

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    1. YAH! I wasn’t sure I was saying it right and tbh it was making me batty. ( I was going to resort to calling you bo, if I hadn’t figured it out) I wasn’t planning on making another video, I was feeling ok about the first one and wanted to hold onto the feeling a bit longer.
      As far as the coffee… I had inhaled several cups already, they just weren’t kicking in quick enough 😉

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  2. Your vlog is going great! And if I’m to be honest I kept thinking how I wished my mom would have had this technology. I think we are leaving behind virtual footprints for our children, and someday they will love that. And for the here and now – so awesome that you are learning more about yourself and sharing that with the world. Looking forward to following along.🌸

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