My “Dirty Little Secret”…..


(So not what you were expecting though huh?) 😉

But while you are here, can you help?

I’m serious!!! The first step in getting help is ADMITTING you have a problem.

I have a major problem!!!!  Not only with dirty coffee cups, but with coffee in general, I am an addict.  But let’s start with the smaller of the problems….. my coffee cups.  This is disgusting!  The sad thing is, the cup just came out of the dishwasher.  (maybe I need a new dishwasher?!??!) That would incredibly suck because, just this morning…..

Another one bites the dustanother one bites the dust

This is my second coffee pot funeral this month!!!!

Each day, I rinse my coffee cup out with warm water, and load it into the dishwasher.  (On the average, the dishwasher is run every other day).  After a week or so though, my cups look like this.  I don’t understand how that’s even possible.

About one month ago, Einstein told me I was “doing it all wrong”, and to prove this, he filled all of our coffee cups up with hot water, and let them soak in the sink for a couple days (periodically refreshing the hot water).  YES I was mad that I couldn’t use the sink for 2 days, OCD remember? BUT, after spending over an hour scrubbing them out with vinegar, baking soda, AND a toothbrush the month before, I was more than willing to let him SHOW ME “what I was doing wrong”.  (I did take pictures of him doing it his way, and I do believe he used more elbow grease than he let on, but either way the cups came clean….. FOR A WEEK!!!!!!)

Fast Forward to THIS MORNING.  Not only could I not find a CLEAN cup, but another coffee maker bit the dust.  😦  I really wish someone delivered coffee in my neighborhood since I shouldn’t be allowed to drive, let alone SPEAK, until I have at LEAST a cup, but no such luck.   So now, here I sit with freshly scrubbed coffee cups, and no coffee maker.  cups are cleanI have ordered yet another new one from Amazon, though in reality I will run to Walmart and buy a ‘spare’ within the next hour. (Starbucks made a killing from me this morning)

But how do I keep my coffee cups from looking like that?!?!?!?  Any help, tips, etc would be most appreciated!!!!!!!  Ok tips like “stop drinking coffee” or “don’t make it so strong” will be considered offensive and I may have to kill you…only real help please.

coffee pic




17 thoughts on “My “Dirty Little Secret”…..

  1. I use a few drops of bleach to hot water and let it soak.
    For the coffee pot, salt and crushed ice swish it around (or use some baking soda and a damp sponge)
    If you give up coffee for tea, same problem

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    1. I am still trying to work on the patent for coffee IV style…would save the need for cups all together…lol.. TY for the tip!…So its not uncommon that they get that dirty THAT quickly? I don’t ever remember having this problem until the last 6 months

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  2. Try drinking directly from the coffee maker using a drinking straw. No need to wash cups and your drink is always hot. (I must get a life !)

    Good luck in finding a coffee maker which lasts <3.

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    1. LOL… I have had sufficient amounts of coffee now, I’ve eaten breakfast, walked on the treadmill and even blogged today…. ( oh and found another coffee maker in the basement, cleaned it and finished 1/2 that pot) It’s been an eventful morning…maybe I switch to bloody marys at noon?


  3. Oh no, RIP to the coffee maker.
    I’m afraid I won’t be much help, but a scouring pad (like Brillo) or salt in the cup can help to get rid stains.
    I don’t drink coffee – hate the taste but love the smell & have always wished I liked the stuff! – though I’m a huge tea addict. I’m more than grumpy without my first cuppa in the morning, and then countless ones throughout the day. I drink it black, and my cups get stained awfully, too. Looks pretty gross, and then makes me wonder what colour our insides our if coffee/tea can do that to a mug. Oh well, couldn’t live without the stuff..! 🙂
    Caz x

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    1. Ty for the tip… Cups are cleaned for this week. TWO new coffee makers on the way…. As far as what my INSIDES look like from coffee, I IMAGINE they are scary, BUT I have seen what I look like WITHOUT it…. THAT is scary to everyone else 😛

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