Am I strong?

Lately, I have had several people tell me how strong I am.  I laugh and I quickly deny it thinking…… “If they only knew.”

I am not strong..but.. I am resourceful. 😉

I have an ARMY of POSITIVE people (ok some VERY strong) in my life that push me to get back up when getting out of bed is a struggle.  I don’t mean butterflies and rainbows positive, I mean the ones that will literally drag me out of bed, and tell me to put my big girl panties on.  People that REMIND me of the things I have survived, and that they NEED ME too.

I joke all the time that if not for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all…..But I am lucky.

I have incredible parents, friends, and family that are always there to kick my ass back into reality when I need it.  They won’t LET me feel sorry for myself.  They remind me that although I have made 10,000,000 mistakes, I have learned something good from each of them. They remind me that there is always someone else that has it “harder” than with no feet

Not only do my friends listen to and support me, by offering an ear or a shoulder, some days lots of kleenex, and the occasional “ass kicking”, but they share THEIR imperfections and learning experiences with me, and I LISTEN!!!!  Not as in taking advice listening, (I am bad at that), but I LISTEN and HEAR that EVERYONE has struggles, EVERYONE, has done things they aren’t proud of, has made mistakes, and taken some hits.Man walking at sunset

I gain something from EVERYONE I come into contact with, even if its a lesson in how I do not want to do things.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety etc.  may I suggest that you consider “cleaning out your closet” and removing the things or people that don’t make you feel or push you to be stronger?

Let me again state that by positive people, I don’t mean all smiles all the time.  Here are some “strange examples”…

Me: I need to lose weight

Positive influence:  What are you gonna do about it?

Me: Um….. good point, it does start with me…

or another

Me:  I hate being broke!!!!

Positive influence:  Have you quit smoking yet?

Me:….grrrrrr, Ok Ok

So by positive, I mean the ones that call to say…..”Have you walked on the treadmill yet today?”….. The ones that genuinely care and celebrate your victories as their own!

But Back to my original question…… “Am I strong?”.… no, NOT even a little…. but I do have great “resources”.



10 thoughts on “Am I strong?

  1. You’re very strong and wise beyond your years. You are definitely a positive influence. I thank you for your contribution to this world of ours. Everyone should have your heart. We’d be a lot better off 🙂

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    1. It makes me sad, that you were ever made to feel that you should be ashamed of something. Unless you have a secret agenda of putting people down to rise above them (which I DONT see) or hurting animals,…those are things imo someone should be ashamed of, I don’t see any reason for you to be ashamed. Just my opinion, but I think all the soul searching you do just makes you someone to be respected and admired….yes I know drink more coffee Grace

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      1. It’s much harder to tell your secrets and talk about what’s bothering you with your family and people you’ve known forever. I was recently judged/misjudged. It’s never the case here. People listen, understand and don’t judge you. We’re all just vulnerable and complex people with our imperfections, ups and downs, bad moments. Nth is simply black and white. That’s what I meant.

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