McDonald’s “curbside ordering”

This is just wrong on so many levels!!!!!!

I am literally still  smh (shaking my head) at this one…smh

I saw this advertised at McDonald’s today while I was in the drive thru.  Let me give you the back story before I start my attack on McDonald’s.

I am moving into a place that I believe has mold behind the ceramic tiles in the bathroom.  Not wanting to deal with mold in any way shape or form, I decide better be safe than sorry, and just rip out the ceramic tile around the tub.  (yah it will give me something to do to occupy my mind too) Doing physical labor has always been a great stress release for me.

So I headed over to the new place this morning, tools in hand and started work on the tub.  I had my safety glasses on, a mask for dust, broom and vacuum ready for post cleanup.  I had the first wall taken down without issue, and decided to take a clean up break so I didn’t fall on the tiles.

duringI forgot the damn gloves….smh.  I cut my hand on the tile, and I know how to bleed….What a mess!

I finished the remaining walls, swept up the area, but my finger was still bleeding, so I decided to give it a rest.  On the way home I stopped at McDonalds for a fresh coffee.  I used the drive-thru because it’s convenient, though I could tell you I didn’t want to walk in with Blood everywhere, truth is I am lazy.

While waiting for my coffee, I saw a new advertisement for curbside check in ordering.  WTF?!?!?  How is this good or helpful on any level?!?

  • Of course NO ONE would ever consider texting their order into McDonald’s while driving
  • It’s a great idea to mix cars and people in the parking lot!!!  I can already see someone pulling in while texting their order and not paying attention to the person delivering food to someone else.
  • How about all of the cars pulling in and backing out at the same time??!?! At least with the drive thru there is some semblance of order  ( although I have seen that get pretty dicey too)

Ok, I’m done bitching.  Can someone tell me how this could be a good idea in any way shape or form?!?!?  I really don’t get it…. Mentally, I am done for the day.  It’s funny I was telling someone on the phone earlier that it’s ok to just be done and take a break for a day, their issues, problems, etc will still be there tomorrow.  Now I am going to take my own advice and focus on the positive.

Today was a very productive day in spite of my minor injury…. (it really is minor)  Maybe you are starting to see how I got the name Grace?



17 thoughts on “McDonald’s “curbside ordering”

  1. I still cant get my head around the idea of deliveroo and uber who will go to McDonald’s Burger King etc and bring it too you. I know we have just eat/hungry house who you can order your takeaway through and the company will bring it too you so you have no contact with the company whatsoever.

    This check in idea seems to have a few flaws but maybe not.
    You’ll have to keep track of how many accidents happened.


  2. Hopefully they’ll rethink that idea. On the plus side, well dome you getting all that done! Now go put your feet up and rest that hand 😉


  3. Glad it was minor cut. We have one of our bathrooms totally pulled apart like yours is. Yours before being pulled apart looks much like ours did.
    Oh boy curb side ordering. Crazy!

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      1. It does. At least this time it’s only one bathroom but it takes forever because Hubby works so much and it renos always seem to end up costing way more then you budget for.

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      2. I keep telling myself it will be worth it when it’s done. It’s also to up the value on our home and get the hell out of here this year. Hope yours goes well for you.


      3. My daughter’s boyfriend came and helped me start moving furniture today we got a lot done. Unfortunately I locked my keys in the house and I’m waiting for Einstein to get home and let me in

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