The Finale is really only the beginning

As I sat trying to figure out how I was going to move ALL of my belongings from a however many foot ranch with a full basement to a one bedroom “apartment” ( kind of) I felt like a teenager again.  My coffee pot is set up in the bathroom (to try to conserve space) but yah closer to where my desk will be set up?  I am trying to look at this as a fresh start where anything is possible.  Sure it’s scary, most new things are.

I am/was struggling with what material things need to come with me and which ones will go to storage.  But yah that will help me focus on what is most important to me?

The photo albums do have to come!

Actually I think I am going to start scrapbooking again as a healing tool.  Originally,  I started scrap booking ( more picture taking with LOTS of  journaling) for my children. In addition to being diagnosed with MS at 26, I was also diagnosed with cervical cancer AND my kidneys were being damaged because of my inability to urinate.  I was afraid that I was dying and no one would tell them the “whole story” about their mother.  I knew people would share the pedestal stories with them, but I also wanted them to know the one’s that I am not proud of, and about the personal struggles I faced.

photo albumI started making and filling photo albums, not only about my life but albums for each of my girls highlighting their birthdays, sports, Christmas parties, school events etc….who knew that I would end up with so many?!?!?!

I have scanned  most of the albums to disk and tried to give the actual books to my daughters, now that they have homes of their own, but they don’t want to store them.  They also will not let me throw them away….smh… Whoever said raising girls was easy, can kiss my ass!!!!!

To be honest, I don’t think I could throw them out either.

Ok so the photo albums are coming with me.  (This is only one load in the back of my car.)  The final deciding factor to bring them with though, is so that they will serve as a visual reminder for myself of all the things I have survived, and all of the good times I have had in my life for the days that I don’t feel strong enough.


9 thoughts on “The Finale is really only the beginning

  1. Oh my! You need an apartment just for your albums, hahaha! I love my photo albums too but these days I condense into a yearly photo book so it’s much less space consuming! Maybe you can get creative with them… two stacks propping up a nice piece of wood for a coffee table… who needs a bed box when you have albums to stack and hold a mattress?! Good luck with the move!

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  2. It’s sounds like you’ve gone through hell, and you should b3 proud of what you’ve able to overcome. Not only are the album’s a physical reminder, but also the girls themselves. Hold your head high MS warrior! Just try not to forget us mere mortals:)

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  3. I can’t believe your girls don’t want those books (but they want you to store them). Having said that, my kids didn’t want any photos (not in albums). But…you’ve given me an idea!

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  4. When asked what people would take in a fire they used to always say photo albums. I think that perhaps our hearts are on those pages. Memories we have forgotten all compressed into books. We know that when we open those pages our smiles will come, our hearts will explode. They hold more than pictures, they hold parts of us, who we were, what made us who we are today. Just looking at them on the shelve is like having someone you love near. You know within those pages there are things that are absolutely irreplaceable, and someday your girls will experience their own heartwarming moments as they tenderly turn those pages.

    And downsizing …ugh… been there, not fun but doable, absolutely doable. You’ve so got this. It won’t be fun, much like the dentist, but when it’s over and it’s peacefully quiet it’ll be soothing for the soul.💞

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  5. I love taking pictures and creating photo albums! I think pictures help us remember the good and the bad, which is great for our own growth and healing! Pictures can say 1000 words. I think you will be happy to have the photo albums with you. Pictures are a constant reminder of how strong you have been with all you have lived through and in turn they will show you to the brighter days, which will happen!!! Please remember to take care of yourself and do not push yourself too far!! Much love my dear sweet friend!!

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