If I told you that I don’t worry about my daughter, you would probably think that I was a monster, but I don’t.  I honestly, don’t “Worry” about her at all.  Now LOVE her?. That is a completely different story!  Of Course I do!!!


Have you ever gone to a wedding and felt like YOU were the guest of honor?  (Your own wedding doesn’t count)  I’m still not sure HOW she pulled it off, but I think everyone who was there that day will agree that it was an honor to be included in HER DAY.

I think I have to try to “stick to the facts” when I talk about Thing One’s Wedding.   My usual words like Fuck, Shit, and Damn have no place in this story, …..yet WONDERFUL, MAGICAL, FAIRYTALE, and PERFECT, really don’t scratch the surface.  To say I am Proud would be an understatement. Honored seems hollow, however, MY HEART IS FULL!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Einstein and I arrived at Thing One, and her fiancee’s house at 10 am.  The hotel and venue were two hours away, and we told Thing One that we would be her “beck and call people” for the day.  “Just tell us what you need kiddo, and it’s done.”


She handed me the schedule for the next day to look over, and the book that would be used to hold the officiant’s notes for the ceremony, asking me to remove the sticker from the cover.  Truly, trying to get that damn sticker off with fake nails was the most difficult thing I had to do. I called the hotel, and asked if we could check in early because we were so ahead of schedule.   The coordinator said, “Yes we have yours and your daughter’s room’s ready, Come on in.”


Because so many people were coming from out of town, Thing One had reserved a block of 25 rooms for her guests.  She didn’t tell us that she had used hotel points to upgrade us to a suite.  Believe it or not, our suite was not even half the size of the kids suite!!!

The guys made quick work of unloading the cars, and then the four of us went to lunch at the hotel’s restaurant while we waited for the venue to open so we could start decorating.

We ate lunch, drove the mile to the venue, and began carrying the totes full of decorations inside.  When we opened the doors to the banquet room, everything froze. I looked at my daughter’s face as she saw that The Banquet hall had not even begun cleaning up from prior evenings event.  It only took ONEtear rolling down my daughter’s cheek for me to launch into Lieutenant mode.

Wait a minute Grace, I thought you said EVERYTHING was perfect?

No, I am not a masochist, but I am a “fixer”!!!!

FINALLY, something that I COULD DO to help!!!!!!

crew rehearsal

My daughter has her own army

The entire bridal party came to help clean and decorate.  Within a couple hours, the hall was mostly decorated and we were able to begin the wedding rehearsal.  I’ve never lead a rehearsal before, so it did take a couple of “run-throughs” before I got that part right.  But all in all, it was ALOT of fun.  We all left the venue and headed to a local pizza place for dinner.  Hours of good food and company!

When the evening was over, Einstein and I were sitting in our room talking about how proud we were of Thing One and her fiancee.  They are both incredibly strong, intelligent, and outgoing people.  They have both put in a lot of hard work to achieve their dreams, and the love and respect they share for each other can be felt for miles.  As we were getting ready to sleep…. Thing One texted me….

“Mommy, open your door?”

I looked at the clock, sure enough…… 11 O’ clock on the dot!!!!!

I know that I said I was going to stick to the facts and leave emotions out of this story, but here’s the thing…  For as long as I can remember all of the  “heartfelt, tearful, world changing” conversations that occur between THING ONE and I have always begun at 11 pm.  Her choice, not mine.  She had told me a couple days prior to this that she had a letter she wanted me to read at the rehearsal dinner.  I gave her 10,000 excuses why we didn’t need to do THAT, and thought I had managed to avoid it.  kids

But here they were at 11 O Clock, using the word, “Mommy”…..







For all you sadists out there…..

Yes I read the letter.  NO not on video. Yes I do cry and here is the picture to prove it…..


Saturday, March 10, 2018

The morning started with Breakfast in Thing One’s Room.  The make up ladies, showed up to her room soon after.


Thing One, let me go first so I could make a “break for it” ( I don’t do good with a room full of girls being girls), no matter how nice they all are.  I also do not sit still very well.


So I got to go first and then was tasked with making sure everything was “Fixed” at the venue and making sure everyone was were they were supposed to be.  YAH “busy work”.

I spent the next several hours running between our hotel rooms (the guys were in mine and Einstein’s suite and the ladies in Thing One’s) and the Venue.  FTR I only knocked on the wrong room door one time 😛


I took pictures and video to “report back” that everything looked perfect… You tell me?

The Ceremony
Banquet Room

The 3d printed centerpieces and table numbers we made, turned out beautiful as well


finishing touchesAs Five O’clock drew near, Thing Two helped Thing One with the finishing touches…

The Bridal party took the shuttle to the venue.

Einstein and I loaded Thing One AND her dress into the car and headed to the ceremony.

(I don’t have any pictures of this yet, but I will share some pictures that have been shared with me from the remainder of the evening below)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, I hope you can see why I can’t find the words to describe just how perfect the entire weekend was.


Dearest daughter of mine,

As I mentioned before, I do not worry about you.  I don’t have to!!!!  You are smart, beautiful, caring, determined and independent.  You’ve Got this! You posted the picture that I used as a featured image on this page to your facebook page with a caption stating that I was the greatest woman you know.  You wrote me a letter that made me cry.  (and bought me an awesome “mother of the bride” coffee mug.)  In your marriage, you have also given me a “son”.  I am so sorry that I’m not good with words, but please believe me when I tell you…..

YOU are the Greatest Woman I know!!!! and having you as my daughter is the GREATEST GIFT of all!!!!


23 thoughts on “SO. DAMN. PROUD!

  1. Oh wow… I think I nearly cried reading this!! I’m so glad it was such a beautiful day & the photos are stunning. You have made such a perfect, gorgeous tribute to your daughter – sounds like you should be proud of each other! All the best to Thing One and her Husband for a wonderful life together. This was such an uplifting post, love it!!xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Magnificent! You are so wrong, Grace, you have a wonderful way with words, and I felt like I was there, sharing this moment with your family. What a wonderful weekend and time for you and all of them!

    And … ::gasp:: … the officiant’s notes were held in an original 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook?! Oh … I gotta love that! 👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, this was so magical and wonderful! You have had tears in my eyes and I wasn’t even there. Sounds like your daughter is as amazing and wonderful as her mother ♡! I am so happy to hear y’all had such a fantastic time ♡♡♡


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