Boston Day Two…a day of hurdles

I probably don’t need to say that I CRASHED HARD our first night in Boston… YAH adventure? …  Getting moving in the morning was a bit of a challenge….. BUT we had reservations for A whale watch cruise and had to be there at 9:30 am to check time to suck it up.

First hurdle

What the fuck is this?  Ok ok I KNOW that it is a Keurig.  I HAVE heard of them, but since I drink Coffee by the VAT (the way it was intended), I have no idea how to use one…

It’s gotta be basic right?

OK I put in a CUP of water, put the little itty bitty k cup thingy in, closed the lid, turned on the power and hit BREW…… NOTHING


I turned the machine off,  reopened the lid….  (Coffee and water were in the right spots.)  and turned it back on….while the little blue light kept flashing at me, it was still NOT  making coffee!!!!!  WTF?!?!?!  So I hit the switch next to the outlet…(since I didn’t have any coffee in my body, it didn’t register that it wouldn’t have any lights on it if that was the problem)  The switch was  for the garbage disposal….smh…. Come on, I JUST WANT SOME COFFEE!!!!!  I made enough noise cussing etc that my traveling companion surfaced and figured it out before I threw it out the door….

Next Hurdle

Coffee cup in hand, I opened the door to go outside and smoke a cigarette….and instantly FROZE.  (not the anxiety kind), literally FROZE…HOLY shit, I THOUGHT I was in Boston, NOT Antarctica!!!  Bitter cold and THE WIND!!!!  SCREW THIS….smh..

I went inside and took a nice hot shower.

After my brain thawed and I realized I was OUT of coffee, my determination surfaced.  I had not come to Boston to “hide out” inside.  I put on two pairs of leggings under my jeans, a tshirt, two sweatshirts, and my leather bomber, and ventured out to start my day.

One thing I can say about Boston, is that it has no shortage of Dunkin Donuts (literally one on almost every block), and Dunkin Donuts has COFFEE!!!!



We made it to Dunkin Donuts, and found our way to the docks just in time for them to tell us that the Whale Watch Cruise had been cancelled because high winds and freezing temperatures made it unsafe to be out on the water.


To be honest, I really didn’t want to be out in this weather anyway, but, but but……. MORE COFFEE….


I don’t know if coffee makes me smarter, or if it just helps me do stupid things quicker, but it definitely motivates my brain…..

whale watch guyAfter talking with Kevin from the whale watch cruises, we developed a new plan.

The 24 hour Charlie Card we purchased the day before was also valid on the Ferry, and we could use that to go to the Charleston Naval yard and see the U.S.S. Constitution and it’s museum… (YAH INSIDE STUFF)….When we were finished with that we were going to turn our planned Lobster Dinner into a Lobster Lunch and go on the Hop On and Off Trolley that was included with the Boston Go Card we purchased.

I know that I talk ALOT, to EVERYONE, but I didn’t realize just how many people I meet on a daily basis until my companions started taking pictures of me and my “new friends”.

While on the U.S.S. Constitution and at the museum…


We made sure to explore everything that we could “hands on”

and while I was able to get into and out of the hammock “ALL BY MYSELF” with no injuries…. I apparently do not mast well…..

Thankfully the floor was “padded”, because I did try the whole 3 strikes and your out thing, and they all ended with me on my ass.  (But the picture makes it look SO EASY)

Did I mention it was really really fricking cold?!?!?  oh and windy…..

Next stop…. LOBSTER…..

We took the ferry back to Long Wharf and enjoyed the following:  (caution lots of food pictures to follow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While we were eating, my niece (who had gone to college in Boston) texted me that her flight from Atlanta to Boston had landed safely, she was grabbing coffee’s for us, and would meet us by the trolley.

Although, I would recommend taking a trolley ride on your first day in Boston to get the “lay of the land”, I am glad we waited til our second day. I was cold, exhausted, and completely stuffed.  Sitting down was about all I could do.    If you stay on the Trolley from beginning to end, it takes about an hour and points out several historical landmarks, but you can also jump off at any of the stops and reboard just as easily.

BIGGEST HURDLE YET… Uneven surfaces

When you can’t feel your feet ( a normal ms symptom for me) uneven surfaces always create a challenge, but when you lose all muscle control in your leg (thankfully NOT a normal symptom for me) uneven surfaces and curbs like these look like 2 foot tall barriers.

After the trolley ride, we decided (more like my body decided) that we NEEDED to be done for the night.  It’s times like these that I really really FUCKING HATE having MS!!  I literally could NOT move my right leg when I attempted to get off the trolley.  It was like a 200 lb bag of sand.  Forget balance.  I would have been in deep shit, without help.  My companions, each gave me an arm and it took almost an hour to walk the 1/2 mile back to our apartment.

First order of business

20180405_210948Since she knows my struggles with technology, more specifically the UBER app on my phone, my niece handed me a beer, and took over the “troubleshooting”.  When she handed the phone back to me,  Uber was gone and LYFT was installed.

“The drivers are nicer, and it’s cheaper too”, she said.

As long as I didn’t have to go anywhere else for the night, I didn’t care.

Thank you kiddo for being my “Saving Grace”!!!!!

We spent the rest of the night catching up, and talking about our plans for the next couple of days.  (The best part was yet to come)  The next day I would be meeting some fellow bloggers…. IN REAL LIFE!!!!!


Before going to bed for the night, I went out to my “cigarette corner” for one last smoke….and met this cute little guy…and his owner too.  One cigarette turned into, well lets just say a few more…and a couple more beers.20180405_235620

I have to share this picture because his story amazed me.  Cody is a 31 year old Russian translator in the peace core.  When I asked him why he decided on the Peace Corps., he said, “Because I wanted to help!”  We talked about backwards medical practices, debated about universal healthcare, and talked about the downfall of humanity in general.

While navigating Boston wasn’t easy for me, it was a beautiful city, and I met many fascinating people.

I went to sleep that night knowing that “Superman” would come “save me” in the morning.  I will write about that soon…. I Promise!






17 thoughts on “Boston Day Two…a day of hurdles

  1. I love the way you travel. I talk to EVERYone too and it drives the hubs crazy but he’s used to me now and he just laughs as I talk away …. I love new people! What an experience you are having. Whale watching, not so much fun anyway … I’ve been on tons and you maybe see one or two and usually not the killer whales. The last person who asked me to take her whale watching I said fine, I’ll get in the shower and you can watch me shower naked. “Whale Watching Done!” ha. I should’ve told you about Lyft and Uber. Lyft is much more popular in the east. My hubs drives for both… Argh!~kim


    1. Isn’t it great meeting new people? Oh the things you learn!!! and your whale watch comment, that is usually my “I’m going swimming comment”…We did eventually make it on a whale watch cruise, and you are absolutely correct, not much to write home about

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Grace, you are so fucking cool! You grab onto life so fiercely, participate in living. The pics made me totally nostalgic! The last time I was at Legal Sea Food, I was 24 (a very long time ago), and I loved it there. You are also doing stuff I didn’t even know existed; I love seeing the city I lived in for 5 years, through your eyes, and yes, that gorgeous smile!!!! Who is this Superman Chap? Can’t wait to hear about it!


    1. I love nostalgia…it’s not the same, but I get all weepy when I go visit my old horseback riding coach (it could be the smells), but I think it’s more a feeling of home. I’m curious, how did you end up on the other coast? Although I like to travel I am born and raised in Illinois farmland. As far as superman goes, he is a fellow blogger turned GREAT friend… I had the privilege of meeting him and 2 other bloggers while in boston. ( I THINK I will done with that post by Friday)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is so cool that you got to meet some blogging friends! I feel so safe tucked into my quiet little Hollywood world, but you are brave and getting out there and meeting people. I admire that! I actually grew up in California, but when I was 21, I was very lost and my sister, who lived in Boston, suggested I come and try it out there for a while. I loved it. I would love to visit again some day, but it is wonderful to be able to live vicariously through you. I can’t wait for Friday’s post!


      2. TY for the compliment, I don’t know if I would call it bravery though…more trying to find my “safe place, or where I belong if that makes any sense. The knowledge you gain from meeting new people ( even if its not all good) really outweighs the fear for me

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I am going to remember this Grace, the next time I am faced with meeting someone new; it is something that terrifies me. I totally get the searching for where you belong!


  3. This is awesome! My mom used to talk to everyone. I actually always admired that ability. Introvert over here, I can manage a nod and a wave. 🙂 That clam chowder looked so beautiful! I can only imagine how delicious it was on a freezing cold day. Love that you did this, that you were able, that you grabbed the bull by the horns. And yes, Lyft! Hoping it was better for you!!


    1. The clam chowder was amazing, so much so that we went back another day for more. While I am very glad that I WAS able to do so many things, it was also very humbling to realize how much HELP I needed. My not being able to walk could have gone so much worse, if I hadn’t had that support.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You are too much Grace! We are a lot a like as I can not go anywhere without talking to everyone that is around me! It is amazing how we can make friends no matter where we go! I lived in Vermont when I was younger and remember how freezing cold it was and I definitely do not miss it at all! I am glad you had a good time and glad Superman saved the day! I bet you blew them away in Boston!!!


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