Anyone need a Lyft?

MEET JESUS, our first Lyft driver in Boston.

This guy alone sold me on Lyft!  When he pulled up to pick us up, he got out of the car with a big smile on his face.  He immediately offered to load our luggage in his car, listened intently as I told him this was my first experience with Lyft, and even opened the car doors for us.  He was more than willing to answer my never ending questions about how he started driving,  AND he let me dust off my spanish speaking skills.

Sidenote, but I still think it’s an interesting story…

When we were talking I said “despacio por favor, soy gringa” (which can be translated as slower please, English is my first language)  That got the desired response and he laughed.  He went on to ask if I knew why I would be referred to as gringa or gringo.  Honestly, I had no clue, it was something my spanish professor told me to say, when I couldn’t keep up and I went with it.  So I asked, “No, why?”   He said, “Well it goes back to the Mexican American War, when the American troops (dressed in green) were returning to the states.  The Mexican people were saying “Green….GO home”, thereby Gringo….  I did spend some time googling this, and did find this listed as ONE reason (among others).  I don’t know if it’s true or not but like I said still a good story, and fun conversation.   I Did I mention Uber can kiss my ass?!??!

Our plans for the day

Figuring I would be wiped out after our exploring and knowing that my dumbass had booked another “at the crack of dawn” flight for our return to Chicago the next day, the only thing we actually confirmed for Saturday was staying at the Hampton Inn by the airport.  The hotel had a restaurant, bar, indoor swimming pool, and offered a free shuttle to the airport.  DEAL!  So we had Jesus, drop us off at the hotel.

When the whale watch cruise was cancelled for Thursday, they offered us tickets to come back on Saturday for a 2:30 pm cruise. After seeing these pictures on their website, how could you NOT want to see them?…plus we could stop at Legal sea food again, and grab some more chowdda….

Another trip with Lyft

While this guy wasn’t as talkative as Jesus, he did have a really Sexy Car and I told him so.  I also said,  “I will give you a really good tip if you can put it on TWO WHEELS”.  He punched it, and it was AWESOME!… He also surrendered control of the radio and the best part…. was the light show on the floor….

Of course I took his picture too. AND gave him a good tip.

2nd uberTo be honest after that ride I didn’t really care if we saw the whales anymore…THIS was definitely the preferred method of transportation.

We stopped in at Legal seafood, grabbed some chowdda to go, and waited on the wharf to board our “cruise”.

This is the best video I was able to get of the whales  (which to be honest isn’t saying much)

Part of the reason I wasn’t able to get many pictures is because the whales were free, not captive and on display somewhere. I guess they didn’t “feel like performing”.  pink coat lady

The other reason I wasn’t able to get many pictures is because “pink coat lady” couldn’t keep her arms down.  I get that she was excited, but I was getting angry that she was EVERYWHERE, well at least her pink arms were.  I am still not sure if the thought of pushing her overboard was only in my mind or if it snuck out of my mouth, but either way I needed to get away from her.

Living in Illinois (surrounded by corn), I don’t have much experience with boating or being around water in general so although I was disappointed about having higher expectations, I am still glad I went.  Before I surrendered to the warmth of the cabin, I was able to capture a video of this dolphin swimming alongside the boat.

By the time we docked, I was done.  Boston was definitely beautiful and I had a great time, but if we are keeping score….it kicked my ass.  I really am a country girl at heart.

We had a really delicious meal at La Famiglia Giorgio’s , headed back to the hotel, and pretty much went right to sleep, never enjoying the pool or bar.  I know that we took a Lyft back to the hotel, but I couldn’t even tell you if it was a man or woman driving.

last supper

This is what was still on our plates AFTER we had finished eating.  Basta Pasta!

Will I ever go to Boston again?  MAYBE in warmer weather, with MORE time, and on someone else’s dime.  ( I was able to cover my entire trip, excluding food, with all the points I have accumulated from using travel cards)

The guide books call Boston the “walking city” and with MS my walking isn’t going to improve so for now I will just be grateful for the things I WAS able to do….oh and next time I would take a map…. I relied way to much on Google Maps, which if you look at the bottom of this picture, was very unreliable for me.   Can’t find a way there?!?!?!  SMHno help



8 thoughts on “Anyone need a Lyft?

  1. Ah…nice! I am glad you had a good time and got out on the water. Whales are hit & miss but those cruise boats rake in the $ on people’s hopes; it’s like the lottery.
    We should think about a summer get-to-gether – maybe late summer or early autumn. It’s something to keep in mind.


  2. Very cool! Love the video and the Lyft drivers. Go easy on Uber, my hubby drives Uber too. (And Lyft!) Definitely, the preferred way to travel for me! Boston is fun, but man oh man, yes, it is easy to get lost and it is really a walking city. Loved the dolphins!~K


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