ME and my bag of PEE

I wrote last week that I was going on another “adventure”.  Maybe I shouldn’t have SAID anything?… Somehow MS found out that I am going away and decided that there was no way in hell I would be traveling without it.  GRRRRR

I realize that MS has a place in my life.  I make room and accommodate it’s demands all the time, but just ONCE I would like it to stay in the background a little more.

I should probably get to the actual point of this rant huh?

As I finished packing this morning, I had to pee again FOR THE 4th TIME IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!! Seriously?!?!  I just had PTNS last week, and Botox surgery in February for this.  I shouldn’t be having problems again this soon!

Thinking that it is  better to be safe than sorry, I called the doctor’s office.  They agreed that maybe I had a UTI and should come in to rule that out.  (yah for getting me in so quickly)…. Urine test complete, no UTI, but they still want to put me on antibiotics anyway, and suggested I use the Foley catheter for my whole trip. 😦

I am actually ok with having to use the catheter, lord knows I’ve been dealing with incontinence long enough, and who would want to have to pull off the interstate 4 times an hour for a 16 hour road trip?  The thing that stresses me out is having to deal with people’s reactions to seeing someone with a bag of pee strapped to their leg in public.

Well you could cover it up Grace?

Why?  So other people are more comfortable?  Not a chance!  The weather in Texas and Las Vegas is supposed to be in the 100’s, no chance in hell I am going to wear pants.  I have already given up half of my suitcase for incontinence supplies, medications, and such.  The only way I have half a chance in hell of surviving the heat is wearing shorts and tshirts or tank tops.  I had hoped to stay in/or by the pool while in Vegas, and I realize if I can’t get these symptoms to calm down I MIGHT have to give that idea up though :(… we shall see….

I’ve got this!…The only thing left is to come up with a name for my “companion”….Any suggestions?




It’s called R E S P E C T folks….

Have you met Tom?  I’ve never actually physically met Tom, yet I have an enormous amount of respect for Tom….Who is this Tom?  I’m talking about Tom from Tom Being Tom.

My first “interlude” with Tom, was when he commented on someone else’s blog that he was going to busy on Thursday, because he would be saving the world.  I commented something like, “well I thought that was my job” or something like that.  As the weeks went by, I would occasionally see Tom comment and support his community.  The blogging community.  Wow someone who practices what he preaches…..intriguing… so I wondered over to his “page”….ugh big words and politics….. hmmm ok, so that’s Tom…and I closed the browser.  Not because he said anything offensive, but because I had no interest in following another keyboard warrior’s rantings about why we should BLAME this person or that person for the sad state of this country.  Who has time for that?

egg on my face

And now I have egg on my face……

I am guilty of many of the things I complain about other people doing.  I complain about the state of the world (in my own mind), yet I don’t REALLY get involved.  I don’t participate in DISCUSSIONS, which is where change has to start.  I’m ‘too busy’ dealing with my own drama that I avoid REAL discussion.  Who has the energy to fight?

So Back to Tom….

I mentioned that the first post I saw from Tom was political, and that I immediately closed that door, but I would still see Tom comments on other peoples blogs and admired his sense of humor.  As time went on, I learned that Tom not only has a great sense of humor, but he love’s dogs….That is something we have in common.

hmmmm maybe I shut the door a little too quickly.  I went back to his blog and learned about a man who REALLY is trying to make the world a better place, not buy shoving information down your throat or saying “You’re wrong, I’m right”, but by putting himself out there, and by encouraging DISCUSSION about sometimes uncomfortable topics.  He asks people to THINK.

Not long ago, Tom posted a blog about Guns.  (Oh shit here we go again.)  But this time I didn’t close the browser.  I read the post AND the comments, and maybe even offered a comment of my own.  I watched the arguments, and name calling start on Tom’s Facebook page.  I only watched.  I didn’t jump into that pile.  As I watched several people “show their ignorance and their asses” I learned something new about Tom.  He wasn’t trying to start a fight with his post, he really was trying to start a discussion.  Even when the name calling started, he didn’t lose his cool, he just asked that people think.  He also LISTENED and in some cases just agreed to disagree.  He didn’t tell the dumbass that was being a dumbass that he was a dumb ass, (I wanted to).  He just asked the ‘dumbass’ to think.

I gained a whole new R.E.S.P.E.C.T, for Tom that day.  He really is trying to save the world.  I have a great deal of respect for the man who practices what he preaches.

I have been thinking about writing a tribute, recommendation, liebster nomination etc about Tom for awhile, and yesterday when I tried to ruffle his feathers and he didn’t take the bait sealed the deal.  See Tom and I disagree about some things.  (Society’s reliance on Technology for one.)  I posted Fuck Fuck Fuck, and Tom commented

I am one of those who believe that technology is a great boon. I’d hate to live away from it. I thrive on connectivity. With my big 5-0 coming up I was asked by some if I’d want to do a camping trip for it, to which I promptly responded “not on your damn life.” Is there free wi-fi there? No, we’re gonna do this thing in Reno, where there are morning bed turns, room service, and m-f’ing CON-NEC-TIV-I-TY!


Nah, fishing is an addiction. An absolute waste of time and energy when one could be online, interacting with real human beings or studying the progression of events in Turkey.

Simplification is an addiction. Life should be complicated and engaged, particularly in this information age.

Not having a mobile phone is an addiction to detachment and privacy. This is the new millennium for chrissakes!

Give me a computer. Give me a phone. Give me instant access, every time.

But every time you don’t give me instant access (like last night when my new comp wouldn’t connect INSTANTLY) I want to do like you say … throw the damn thing through the window. I don’t need a million layers of security … I need CON-NEC-TIV-I-TY!!

(This rant brought to you by Tom Being Tom, of — please join me for more random nonsense soon!)

Obviously our opinions differ, but there is nothing wrong with that!  In fact what a boring place this world would be if we all felt and thought the same about everything.

So Tom, I want to thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities.  Thank you for opening up discussions.  Thank you for supporting the growth of others even when your views clash.  Thank you for just being Tom.

I don’t think there is a “Respect” award floating around wordpress, but I give you mine.

To everyone that is reading this, if you have a moment, check out Tom’s blog at Tom being Tom, I really think that you will enjoy it.

This is my favorite post, if you are looking for a place to start.


Always an Adventure

I don’t even finish one adventure before I start looking for or planning the next one.

While we were in Boston, K was constantly on the phone with her husband trying to figure out the logistics for their relocation to Texas in July of this year.  Before I knew what I was doing, either alcohol or I said, “Just rent a fricking truck or trailer, and I will drive.”…..”NOW, will you get off the phone?!?!?”….and that’s how it all started….well at least that’s how I remember it.

Fast forward to last week….

I got a message from K’s husband D, “Were you serious about driving the truck to Texas for us?”…. I responded, “sure, as long as you get me home when I’m done.”  (I don’t THINK I was drinking that night)  Anyway….guess what….. I’m going to Texas!!!!!…. um next week……

and that’s not all…..

While I am in Texas, I am going to meet my friend ‘Ghost’s’, girlfriend Jackie.  Do you remember me talking about Ghost?  He suffered a stroke at the end of November, and most of my communication with him since then has been through his girlfriend Jackie.  In the back of my mind, I had been hoping to make a trip to Florida to see them and some other friends later this year,  but I haven’t set a date yet….

Wait a minute Grace, you just said you are going to Texas, but they live in Florida, you’re going to Florida too?……  NOPE!….Jackie will be in Texas the same week I am, so we are gonna meet for coffee.   What a small fricking world huh?

but wait there is more….

While I was pricing airfare from Houston to Ohare, I discovered (yes there was alcohol involved again), that it would actually be cheaper for me to fly to vegas and THEN home….. hmmmm Vegas….my best Friend Gary lives in Vegas, and it’s been a few years since we have been in the same room together…..

Ok truth be told, I am geographically challenged, and honestly thought that Nevada was directly North of Texas, so why not “stop in” and say hello.  It was just lucky for me that when you travel at the butt crack of dawn and use carry on luggage only the cost for two one way tickets was cheaper and timing was better for pick up and drop offs than a flight from Houston to Ohare…..

I know that this story has been all over the place (literally) so let me recap, before I continue.  Next week, I drive a truck in a convoy with friends to Texas.  While in Texas, I meet a friend from Florida who will be in town. Then I fly to Vegas to stay with my best friend for a couple days …..AND….one more thing…..

I get to meet Paige from Page’s of Paige A couple weeks ago, Paige posted that she will be moving to Vegas in the near future.  Ever since I read her first post, I have wanted to meet her.  This kid has some spunk.  She is constantly challenging herself to try new things, and although I call her “kiddo” she is wise beyond her years.

I think I have said it 10,000,000 times before, but in case anyone missed it…. I LOVE meeting new people, and I am always looking for a new adventure….keep that in mind if you are ever heading this way, or let me know if your couch is free for a couple days, just remember that I am that friend……

that one friend

Oh and the next adventure in the works is one more stateside trip this year and Italy next year…whoot whoot


When I first started writing this, I was going to call it “Big Brother get the hell out of my mouth”, but then I worried that people would be offended thinking that I was making a joke about incest.  This is NOT a post about incest, nor do I think incest is a joking matter!  It is however the post in which I finally show my ass, because I am tired of having technology SHOVED down my throat.

I should probably start at the beginning.

It’s time for my six month check up at the dentist.  (well it was time 2 months ago, but technology has made something as simple as getting my teeth cleaned a fricking nightmare)

For the past several years, I have seen the same dentist, same office, same staff, same same same.  Great!  This year though, two weeks before my appointment, the office staff called to say, they no longer accept my insurance, would I like to pay out of pocket or pick a new dentist?…..Seriously?!?!?  Did you just decide this?  Maybe a little bit of notice? and to be honest, I would like to hit you in the head with a dental tool if that’s an option.

Oh Grace, “we sent you an email in January letting you know that these changes were taking place.”

You mean you sent an email to the address ?!?!?

Hmm I will get right with you on checking that.  And it never occurred to you to try picking up the god damn phone to call me?… WHATEVER! apparently our relationship is over.

I called my insurance company to find out where I had to go.  Went through the push this for that and that for this game, only to be told I had to visit their website to pick a dentist.  That process alone took a month, but that is a whole different rant.  Finally, I made an appointment at this new dentist.  I am still smh at the last question the receptionist asked me before I hung up….”Is there anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable?”  …………..Like what?….. I responded, “yes, please be on time”….they weren’t.

I showed up for my appointment at 8 am, they finally called me at 8:30.  (The reason they were late is because the tv in the lobby wasn’t working)  ok?  smh…  I sat through new xrays, gum poking, etc, and and hour later was advised that because some of my gums were swollen I should have this procedure done which would go underneath my gumline for a more through cleaning.  Don’t worry though it will only cost you $465.00 (because you have insurance)…oh and here is a free new toothbrush for you.

Oral B Genius

FREE MY ASS!…. How about you keep the damn toothbrush and take $100.00 off my bill?

Oh But Grace, this is a SMART toothbrush, you just snyc it with your smart phone and it will help ensure that you are brushing in each quadrant of your mouth for the recommended amount of time, and you can also upload your records to your hygienist……Don’t believe me?  click the link ^^^^^^

to me this translates as….

Once you have given us permission to access your contacts etc we will spam the hell out of them trying to sell them a toothbrush as well.   We will work with facebook to be sure to include these ads on all of your friends pages too.

I am a smoker, and a massive coffee drinker.  I brush my teeth multiple times a day, for more than the recommended two minutes.  I don’t NEED anything to make me more comfortable in your chair.  I need you to clean my teeth!  I need you to be on time, or at least something close to it.


Of course, they couldn’t clean my teeth THAT day, they had to make another appointment.  Fine appointment made, be back in a week.

Oh I came back in a week alright…to be told that because I didn’t confirm my appointment via email, they had to cancel….. and yes I did give them the same email

My appointment has now been rescheduled for next week.  I walked out of the office and right back in telling them I would like to confirm my appointment.

About a week ago, my smart phone quit working and I have been patiently waiting for a replacement to be sent. (I am pretty sure the 200 texts I got from their office have something to do with the breaking of my phone)

I hope that next week, after my teeth are cleaned, all of this “shitty talk” will stop flowing out of my mouth.

In all seriousness though, I am not saying that technology itself is a bad thing.  I am saying that I want people to realize that nothing in life is free, and you might be giving up more control than your realize if you depend on it.

Full Disclosure!!!!! is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program.  Amazon offers a small commission on products sold through their affiliate links at no additional costs to you.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

So last night, after avoiding the forced Microsoft update for more than a couple weeks, I finally Clicked that damn button.  After what FELT like hours ( because my cell phone is “in the shop” and it was pouring rain outside) the upgrade was finished.  I restarted my computer, and was met with ” a new and improved” sign in option to use a pin and biometrics.  Biometrics?  Now you want MY BLOOD?!?!?…

Ok, not my blood…YET… just my fingerprints and/ or an iris scan. And they are “selling you all of this to make you feel safe?!?!?  Where are you going to store this information?  How are you going to protect me from hackers who can download the information and duplicate it to steal my identity?!?!

That’s ok, you don’t have to answer.  The fact that I signed in on May 14, 2018 and didn’t immediately throw my computer out the window says that I’m surrendering any right to fight you right?  may 1Funny that you’re telling me I need to then close my Microsoft account before May 1, 2018 if I don’t like it.

Apparently I was looking for a fight last night (and maybe still am today), so I continued reading the terms I “agreed” to.

In the Code of Conduct section, we’ve clarified that you should not publicly display or use the Services to share inappropriate content or material, including involving offensive language, and that you should not engage in activity that is fraudulent. Inappropriate content means illegal or harmful content, and offensive language means violent, profane, or hateful language. We’ve made this change to ensure the public parts of our Services are safe and secure for all customers. This doesn’t change our existing policies – it simply clarifies that inappropriate content includes offensive language, among other things.

WHAT THE FUCK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does that mean I need to start learning linux?  and would that even help?

Several months ago I wrote a post, Is it possible to go off the grid?   Many of the responses I received said the using the internet etc was a privilege not a right.  I can understand that line of thinking, but are you sure you really know exactly what you are paying for that privilege or convenience?

I’m not trying to tell everyone to ditch their phones and their computers etc.  I am asking you to think about it.  Are you so dependent on your technology that you are allowing others to control your actions?