Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

So last night, after avoiding the forced Microsoft update for more than a couple weeks, I finally Clicked that damn button.  After what FELT like hours ( because my cell phone is “in the shop” and it was pouring rain outside) the upgrade was finished.  I restarted my computer, and was met with ” a new and improved” sign in option to use a pin and biometrics.  Biometrics?  Now you want MY BLOOD?!?!?…

Ok, not my blood…YET… just my fingerprints and/ or an iris scan. And they are “selling you all of this to make you feel safe?!?!?  Where are you going to store this information?  How are you going to protect me from hackers who can download the information and duplicate it to steal my identity?!?!

That’s ok, you don’t have to answer.  The fact that I signed in on May 14, 2018 and didn’t immediately throw my computer out the window says that I’m surrendering any right to fight you right?  may 1Funny that you’re telling me I need to then close my Microsoft account before May 1, 2018 if I don’t like it.

Apparently I was looking for a fight last night (and maybe still am today), so I continued reading the terms I “agreed” to.

In the Code of Conduct section, we’ve clarified that you should not publicly display or use the Services to share inappropriate content or material, including involving offensive language, and that you should not engage in activity that is fraudulent. Inappropriate content means illegal or harmful content, and offensive language means violent, profane, or hateful language. We’ve made this change to ensure the public parts of our Services are safe and secure for all customers. This doesn’t change our existing policies – it simply clarifies that inappropriate content includes offensive language, among other things.

WHAT THE FUCK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does that mean I need to start learning linux?  and would that even help?

Several months ago I wrote a post, Is it possible to go off the grid?   Many of the responses I received said the using the internet etc was a privilege not a right.  I can understand that line of thinking, but are you sure you really know exactly what you are paying for that privilege or convenience?

I’m not trying to tell everyone to ditch their phones and their computers etc.  I am asking you to think about it.  Are you so dependent on your technology that you are allowing others to control your actions?



23 thoughts on “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

  1. What the fuck indeed! Does that mean if you send an email from your Microsoft account entitled “Fuck” and include “fuckety fuck fuck” in the content, that you’re going against their Ts&Cs? I do get where you’re coming from and I’m starting to think things are going too far; there’s control and safety, then there’s coercion and changes in technology (including the blogging world) that hinder people for a greater purpose (often money!) Just not sure what the next step will be… Still, I’m glad you haven’t thrown your computer out the window! 🙂
    Caz x

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  2. It is wild you put this post out today, I was just thinking the same thing earlier and actually started working on a post about it. Everyone is so wrapped up in technology lately! I think most would go into serious withdrawal if their phones, computers or tablets were taken from them. I am the type that always limits my phone time! I hate talking on the phone, so I could live without my phone. I try to limit computer time, but sometimes fail only because I LOVE to write! I do turn my computer off at a certain time.
    I hope you have a great evening and a wonderful day tomorrow! Sending you LOTS of love!!!

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  3. Did you get the comment I left on this yesterday (Tuesday)? I seem to have had problems with comments not appearing on other blogs… It contained a lot of “fuck”s so you can’t miss it in case it’s in your spam folder, which I hope it is rather that it mysteriously just disappearing..? Argh I hate WordPress sometimes, not sure why it glitches out and refuses to post my comments correctly.x


  4. We have Google, Facebook and Amazon. Microsoft is the least of our concern. The thing is most of the people don’t care about their digital privacy importantly they don’t know what it is. They use free services online unknowingly selling their information for that even if they knew what they are getting into half the people won’t care about it. Thats the kind of world we are living in right now.

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  5. I am one of those who believe that technology is a great boon. I’d hate to live away from it. I thrive on connectivity. With my big 5-0 coming up I was asked by some if I’d want to do a camping trip for it, to which I promptly responded “not on your damn life.” Is there free wi-fi there? No, we’re gonna do this thing in Reno, where there are morning bed turns, room service, and m-f’ing CON-NEC-TIV-I-TY!


    Nah, fishing is an addiction. An absolute waste of time and energy when one could be online, interacting with real human beings or studying the progression of events in Turkey.

    Simplification is an addiction. Life should be complicated and engaged, particularly in this information age.

    Not having a mobile phone is an addiction to detachment and privacy. This is the new millennium for chrissakes!

    Give me a computer. Give me a phone. Give me instant access, every time.

    But every time you don’t give me instant access (like last night when my new comp wouldn’t connect INSTANTLY) I want to do like you say … throw the damn thing through the window. I don’t need a million layers of security … I need CON-NEC-TIV-I-TY!!

    (This rant brought to you by Tom Being Tom, of tombeingtom.com — please join me for more random nonsense soon!)


    1. Lovely rant. Reminds me of the one from ‘Trainspotting.’
      “Choose life.
      Choose a job.
      Choose a career.
      Choose a family,
      Choose a fucking big television
      Choose washing machines, cars,
      Compact disc players, and electrical tin openers…”
      There was no smartphone then, but if there were, I reckon it would be there.

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  6. Finally, someone who thinks exactly like I do! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 This post rocked my world 😁 I abandoned M$ 7.5 years ago for exactly that reason, and went to Mac, which *was* better then, but has taken the same shit-turn in more recent years. So yep, I think our next OS is Linux 👍👍. I’m with you! 💪🏼💞

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