ME and my bag of PEE

I wrote last week that I was going on another “adventure”.  Maybe I shouldn’t have SAID anything?… Somehow MS found out that I am going away and decided that there was no way in hell I would be traveling without it.  GRRRRR

I realize that MS has a place in my life.  I make room and accommodate it’s demands all the time, but just ONCE I would like it to stay in the background a little more.

I should probably get to the actual point of this rant huh?

As I finished packing this morning, I had to pee again FOR THE 4th TIME IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!! Seriously?!?!  I just had PTNS last week, and Botox surgery in February for this.  I shouldn’t be having problems again this soon!

Thinking that it is  better to be safe than sorry, I called the doctor’s office.  They agreed that maybe I had a UTI and should come in to rule that out.  (yah for getting me in so quickly)…. Urine test complete, no UTI, but they still want to put me on antibiotics anyway, and suggested I use the Foley catheter for my whole trip. 😦

I am actually ok with having to use the catheter, lord knows I’ve been dealing with incontinence long enough, and who would want to have to pull off the interstate 4 times an hour for a 16 hour road trip?  The thing that stresses me out is having to deal with people’s reactions to seeing someone with a bag of pee strapped to their leg in public.

Well you could cover it up Grace?

Why?  So other people are more comfortable?  Not a chance!  The weather in Texas and Las Vegas is supposed to be in the 100’s, no chance in hell I am going to wear pants.  I have already given up half of my suitcase for incontinence supplies, medications, and such.  The only way I have half a chance in hell of surviving the heat is wearing shorts and tshirts or tank tops.  I had hoped to stay in/or by the pool while in Vegas, and I realize if I can’t get these symptoms to calm down I MIGHT have to give that idea up though :(… we shall see….

I’ve got this!…The only thing left is to come up with a name for my “companion”….Any suggestions?




37 thoughts on “ME and my bag of PEE

  1. Yuri. Peter. Goldie. Those are just a few ideas that pop into my head. Or you could get cool and call it Bagheera, from The Jungle Book. Paint it black and maybe add some eyes to it. Then people will stare and ask, “What is that?” and you can say, “You’re in for a surprise!” before you explain what it is. See how many times you can work “you’re in” into conversations.
    In fact, why has no one thought of decorating a catheter bag before? It could have made David Sedaris’s essay on “The Stadium Pal” (which you might get a kick out of if you haven’t heard it already) even more interesting.
    Anyway I look forward to finding out what you decide and that probably says something really weird about me.

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  2. If you get some good names can I pinch an unused one???

    I now loop my Cath bag back up and over my undies and wear round my waist under a vest top. Means I can increase my range of clothing.

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about your travels.

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  3. I am sorry your not so friendly companion messed with your plans. Sometimes it seems that MS just has a mind of it’s own and has temper tantrums at random and inconvenient times! You could call you new companion so many various names like Mr. Pain in the ass, hateful pp man, I like Bojana’s idea Mr. Peebody Notice the one thing in common is Mr?!! That must mean something:)!

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  4. I don’t have MS but I do have ‘bladder issues’ and frequent weeing every half an hour is one of them. Very frustrating. I’ve had catheters before but only after surgeries, and the longest was 3 weeks. Actually a relief to rest without getting up constantly for a wee so hopefully that makes that side of things a little more practical for you, but I hear you – it’s not something you want to do and for once it’d be nice to not have MS and symptoms getting in the way for you to have to work around. You’re doing an amazing job in dealing what gets thrown your way, so I’m sure you can rock the catheter. It does need a name..hmm..How about PeeWee, like PeeWee Herman? Safe and happy travels lovely – Texas won’t know what’s waiting for them! 😉
    Caz xx

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      1. I did it once or twice with my stoma bag – made me feel a little better about it, to take it a little less seriously, learn to ‘bond’ with it a bit (can we bond with these sorts of bags?!) Do whatever you need to do to get through having to use it and to feel as okay as you can be with it. You’ve got so much going on, just don’t want this to ruin your trip at all. xx

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  5. You be you Grace! And you always are, that’s what I love about you! The bag… a name? I don’t know that I’d give it so much credit as to name it. But you might as well embrace it… (as you have!) I do like Mrs. Peebody as well.

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  6. Hi Grace…Chris and I think the same:
    I was thinking you could have a T-shirt with something amusing ironed on…OR have a very snazzy bag cover (just get some print fabric that you like) and do something like MeT2711 mentioned. I don’t have any experience with cath bags so I have no specific suggestions for you but I’d get creative with it…make it more fun for YOU (you know, laugh at life) so it’s not such a drain. *see what I did there?*

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  7. So. . . what were the earliest bladder symptoms? What about feeling like you have to pee and not being able to pee? Or having to wait 10 or 15 minutes for your bladder to decide to empty?

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    1. ADD got me with this one…. so it was right after my hysterectomy. The first time I started paying attention to it was when I woke up after peeing in/on my brand new mattress. My first trip to a urologist told me that I would just have to deal with it…DAMN DOCTORS….anyway to answer your question
      There are two main types of incontinence, urge ( I have to go now, get the out of my way) usually accompanied by frequency. and stress incontinence which is brought on by physical activity…coughing laughing etc.
      For me… I would rush to the bathroom and not be able to do anything…maybe a small dribble, then I would have to pee again in five minutes. This is when I started self cathing. The medical term for it is neurogenic bladder.

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  8. Thank you! That’s super helpful! I saw a urologist some years back from having the urge to go and the inability to go and he dilated me! You know what that is? Sticking a rod up your urethra! Almost certainly unnecessary and certainly ineffective. ;/


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