Things NOT to do when relocating out of state

Although pizza and beer are must have parts of the moving experience for me.. I learned that I should not over indulge on either when celebrating the last item being loaded on the truck. Especially if the last item loaded was the bed I planned on sleeping in.
Time flies when you go to sleep at 3 am and wake up at 5, but really really drags when you are driving flat land…smh

You CAN “beat” the governor that they put on rental trucks.

While driving with a Foley catheter lets you cover an incredible amount of distance before having to stop… you should still take frequent mental health breaks. After hitting the rumble strips on the road a couple of times…. I got this service message..whoops.

And if you do get a service message try to pull over in a “bigger” town. I have already learned (a future post) if you can avoid it, do NOT pull over on the side of the road. The town I pulled off into had a gas station half the size of this building.

Although the gentleman that greeted me was very friendly…. with his toothless grin, I realized that I have watched way too many episodes of criminal minds.

Meet Dutch

While dogs make great travel companions they suck at navigation and googling what the service light means…smh

I SHOULD have learned not to get too far ahead of the other vehicles traveling with me, especially since they were the ones unloading that bed I mentioned earlier. (I arrived almost two hours before the rest of the group.)

When I walked into the house it was 96 degrees INSIDE!

I spent about 20 minutes trying to turn the air conditioning on before I realized that it was broken beyond my scope of having a clue how to fix it.

Beer thirty

While trying to not let my cold beer go to waste (Did I mention I can’t move a fridge?) I was sitting outside which was much cooler than inside, kind of quickly drinking my beer, and got the opportunity to meet several of my friends new neighbors. One offered me use of their fridge while another couple invited me for dinner. I politely (I think) declined both but continued with chatting with “my new friends” while finishing the six pack.

When the rest of “the party” arrived, Dan was able to “fix” the air conditioning and I unloaded the bed I could carry

Of course there were a lot of other events that may be worth mentioning but the final thing I learned is MAYBE over-indulgance on any level can be a bad thing….. does anyone have an aspirin?

13 thoughts on “Things NOT to do when relocating out of state

  1. It’s nice of you to share the ride, or the highlights of it anyway, and the beer too. Dutch may not have been the best navigator but I’m sure he offered helpful information.
    “How is this road?”
    “What should we do at that rest stop?”
    “What’s the weather like?”
    “It’s going to be warm and sunny with scattered clouds overnight.”

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  2. Best advice is to drink a ton of water and one of those emrgenC or better yet Powerpak packets–they help fix up all the imbalances. Good luck with it. Moving on a superhot day sounds terrible.

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      1. Make sure you have food or something with it, since too much water can actually harm you if it throws off the electrolyte balance–good luck with it all.


  3. Any moving experience that involves quickly drinking beers and hanging out with chocolate labs sounds like the perfect one to me. It was nice of the new neighbors to invite you to dinner, but didn’t they realize you were still working the buzz up? No one should eat while the buzz is still working UP.
    And a fridge is a long walk between beers.
    Anyone got a cooler and a 7 lb bag of ice?

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  4. Sounds like you have had quite the adventure! It is nice you are going to have what seems like good neighbors. I do not think I am nice enough to invite a stranger to my house for dinner, but I guess if that stranger was you I probably would!!! Please be sure to take care of yourself. I know heat is not very friendly and adding a 6 pack on top, please get LOTS of rest my dear sweet friend!!

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