Not even a little graceful

I am totally losing my shit here. I am sitting in the parking lot at the funeral home reminding myself that prison orange is not my color.

Prison orange is not your color Grace!! Prison orange is not your color Grace !!! prison orange is not your color Grace!!!

Fucking idiot funeral director. Did you inherit the business from your family because you’re sure as f*** don’t have any compassion.

Kristina asked me to meet her at the funeral home this morning. I was supposed to bring the black shirt from Einstein that Dan will buried in. I was supposed to help her talk to the funeral director about making sure Dan receives a military funeral because he is a veteran and deserves that recognition.

When I got here this morning I introduced myself explaining that I was a friend of the family and that Christina was running late but would be here soon. I handed the jackass the shirt and asked what the status of the military benefits were. See the problem is Dan’s discharge papers are packed in one of a thousand boxes still loaded on the moving truck from the move back to Illinois. Without that information we were told a military funeral is impossible.

I call bullshit!!!! Give me a phone number give me an address…. if you’re too f****** lazy to do it yourself I’ll do it. I really was still calm at this point. Until he said, there is no way to get the information in time, you do realize it’s a weekend right?

What did you just say to me? !?!?!? So Dan should have picked a better day to die?!?!? No I think maybe we should have picked a better Funeral Home. Stupid son of a bitch.

I stormed out and as I said I am sitting in my car….. maybe prison orange isn’t so bad….but just in case…anyone mind taking up a collection for bail money?!?!


6 thoughts on “Not even a little graceful

  1. What a crock of shit, I’m so sorry the funeral home and director are turning out to be so incredibly unhelpful. I can feel your frustration. But prison orange isn’t your colour (it will totally wash out your complexion) and at the end of the day a funeral is still a business, those requesting the funeral are still the customers (as awful as that sounds) and you’re always right; totally disrespectful and lacking compassion to not try to figure out a way to arrange this to be a military funeral. Really do hope things get better and that you get some good news about this soon…x

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  2. I am so sorry the funeral home and director is being SO terrible. Apparently the director has no heart! I agree with Caz, orange is not the right color for your beautiful self! I can feel your frustration and it is so understandable. I am hoping things get better for you my dear!!

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