So I did a thing….

Okay, I have been doing SEVERAL things, which I would like to tell you about in another post, but first, let me tell you what I did today.

I glued myself to the floor!  YES I SAID I GLUED MYSELF TO THE FLOOR.  Go ahead shake your head, I’m still shaking mine…smh

No I wasn’t bored!…. No I wasn’t drinking!  and NO I didn’t actually TRY to glue myself to the floor, but it happened nonetheless.

Do you remember back in February, when I talked redoing my bathroom? I talked about how physical labor has always been a stress relief for me.  Well I finished the bathroom and went on to other construction projects, one of which was hanging shelving in my utility room.  I ran out of time and money to actually finish doing the laundry room before I left for Texas, but I did get the shelving hung up before I left.

So picture this please.20180704_194421.jpg

This is my itty bitty laundry room.   To hang the shelves, I had to pull out the washer and dryer.  I THOUGHT, I put everything back, but I literally finished hanging the shelves the night before I left (last month).

This is the other side of the laundry room wall20180704_194340.jpg

Yah the tub is in and it Finally works beautifully.  ( yes there were some hiccups in getting the heater on the whirlpool working 😦 but it’s done)

When I got home from my road trip, I was so looking forward to a long soak, but instead, I opened the bathroom door to find the entire floor covered with water.  Water that had been sitting for over a week while I was gone……awww come on!!!!!  smh again….

I cleaned up all the water, bleached the floor, dumped the towels I had used to clean up the floor in the washing machine, and went to the store for groceries.  After I finished putting the groceries away, I headed back into the bathroom…..THE ENTIRE FLOOR WAS WET AGAIN!!!!!!

I said a whole lotta cuss words….and OMG if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all!!!!

Remember when I said I THOUGHT, I had put everything away in the laundry room?…Well I didn’t.  I forgot to put the hose from the washing machine back in the drain, and instead it was running directly into my bathroom.


I wish I could tell you that I figured out the problem immediately, but to be honest it took a few more times, and the laundry room floor getting wet for me to figure it out.

I had hoped that bleaching the floor and using a dehumidifier would help the lifted tiles settle back into place, but not only were the tiles lifting but the plywood underneath was bowing.

I set out this morning to lift the tiles to see how bad of shape the subfloor was in.  Could I just bleach it again, and have a plywood floor for a little while, while I saved the money to have the floor repaired?  I am/was not looking forward to pulling out the plywood, since when I put it in, I put it in to stay…..

So I started pulling up the tiles, bleaching the plywood as I went, until I bloodied my knuckles and put the bleach aside.  I closed the bathroom door and kneeled on the plywood to try to remove the final (for the day) pieces.  And then I realized I was stuck!  I was literally glued to the floor!  I don’t know if the bleach had somehow bonded with the adhesive, or if I stayed in one place for too long, but I couldn’t move.

When she was done laughing at me, Thing 2, pulled me and I think some of my skin off of the floor.

Anyone wonder how I got the nickname Grace?!?!?!?


I think my legs look better than they did before. But my bathroom floor will look like this for awhile.20180704_194345.jpg







54 thoughts on “So I did a thing….

  1. On the bright side you’ll already have reading material handy every time you go to the bathroom.
    And there’s the old saying that linoleum floors are like men: lay one right the first time and you can walk on it for twenty years.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Don’t feel bad. I could totally see myself doing something like this. It’s ok, it keeps life interesting/humorous for our family members and friends.
    Keep being you chickie. It’s is odd ducks that keep the world spinning around. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nooooooo, what a nightmare! I would have panicked so much with the wet floor and worrying about bowing boards underneath. I applaud you for tackling all of this yourself, and also for gluing yourself to the floor (quite the achievement!!) Ouch! Aww I can just imagine how frustrating this has been for you – Ice and moisturise your legs andI hope the skin heals soon. Lesson learned… stay away from glue, hoses and water! 🙂
    Caz xx

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  4. What happened to just sitting still and just ‘being’ for a while? 😉 I think you got ants in your pants! Like the idea of your own tv show. Think it’d be hilarious, possibly for all the wrong reasons 😉


    1. I probably do have ants in my pants, but this one is not totally my fault, well yes it is, but I mean I didn’t want to tear up the floor, but I can’t deal with mold, so that part I didn’t have a choice in… I would be more than happy to do a tv show….just need to find someone willing to spend that much time with me to film 😛

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