B&W Photo Challenge Day Five

I was tagged a few days ago to participate in the black and white photo challenge by Kim author of I Tripped Over a Stone.  If you haven’t “met” Kim or visited her website, please do.  Kim’s blog is primarily geared toward living with Fibromyalgia, but it’s not only informative about her disease, she offers great advice and support for so many people no matter what they have on their plate.  I definitely consider myself blessed to be able to call her my friend.

You know there are always rules to everything in life! The rules for this are straightforward. Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Today I invite, Tanya, author of incurable dreamer to the challenge.  A word of caution though before you check out her blog, reading her blog while holding a beverage is highly discouraged.

Tanya, please don’t feel like you HAVE to join the challenge, but please provide a proof of life picture?  I could really use some of your humor these days!!!!!

I’m curious to see the world through your lens!!!!!

2 thoughts on “B&W Photo Challenge Day Five

  1. This challenge is unique because it says so much without saying anything at all. Did that make sense? I hate that photo you took because it is your everyday, and that makes me sad. But, it is also a great photo and a piece of what makes you who you are – which is someone pretty fucking fantastic!! So I guess I love it, too. I will see what I can wrangle up, Grace. Thank you for nominating me, it means a whole lot. A photo of a steaming pile of shit might be my photo. HA! Okay, okay, not that…but wouldn’t that be funny?! Have a great day, darling!


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