Go Big or Go Home?

Last week I posted that in one day I had received 370k comments in my spam folder in the a 24 hour period.  Things have slowed down a little bit, this morning I have 564K. SMDH!!!!!

When I contacted wp support, they suggested that I activate the comments option that makes name and email required.  Ok did that.

I also added almost 100 individual ip addresses to the block list

I have added all the repeating words that I found in the posts (ty SDC for the tip)

I have blocked anyone using an email from outlook (as that was a huge portion of addresses)

I went through the 1.8k comments that I have approved in the past and removed any from an anonymous user as was suggested by another blogger.  (thank you Ralph)

Tom and Tanya both suggested bot blockers and upping my spam control.  Whatever version on wp I am using only allows me to use askiment, and it says it have blocked another 300k in spam.

I switched back to all comments needing to go through moderation ( sorry for this guys), but after my phone going off ever 2 minutes with notifications for an hour, I have now removed WP from my phone.  Which means I will be checking it less frequently.

I want to apologize in advance if I miss something you have commented on, I am deleting spam in bulk, and although I do scan it first, there are literally thousands of comments.

The only other thing  I can think to try is switching to self hosted.  I have heard of sites like godaddy, siteground, bluehost.  Would anyone mind sharing what host you use?  I need a site that will “hold my hand” so to speak .  Thank you in advance!

17 thoughts on “Go Big or Go Home?

  1. Hang on ! It’s not 3am when I bleary-eyed read your first post about this.
    SPAM FOLDER means that Akismet has caught them and put them in your spam folder. No worries. Do you find spam in your notifier ? If so, THAT’S a problem !

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  2. Thank you Grace for sharing how to block all the annoying spam BS. I have had a lot, but no where near as much as you! I am going to try going into the comments section to force the name and email address to be displayed. I just have to figure out how to do that! I hope things will settle down for you soon! This is supposed to be a sight where we can share what we want and not have to worry about crazy people. I guess it will happen anywhere and everywhere though!


      1. Hi— I’m in car so might take awhile depending on cellular signal. As I said previously the majority of exercises used machines at the YMCA that focused on core body strength. I hope you can use this info in some way. Jennifer

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