Cat out of the bag….

ONE THING that I am really not good at other than telling a lie is keeping a secret.  The whole not being good at lying is NOT because I haven’t tried, it just takes too much work and my face gives me away EVERY. DAMN. TIME. so I gave up trying a long time ago. BUT……….

I do really, really, really TRY to keep secrets. 😦  hmmmm That sounds terrible!  I hate keeping secrets!!!

Can you tell I have a secret?  Or rather I have been trying to keep a secret for a couple months?!?!?!  This is not a BAD secret, in fact it’s really incredible news!!!  The problem is it wasn’t mine to tell……  UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


but wait……………

there is more……………….



THING ONE IS PREGNANT WITH            TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be a GMA!!!!!!! ( or a granny, or a nanny, or a mimi, oh the possibilities are endless…)   But there it is…. My baby is having babies…and I couldn’t be more excited!!!!!

If you all can throw some GMA names my way, I would really appreciate it!!!!!

Oh wait ….Of course there is more to this story……

Remember in the first paragraph when I said I’m bad at keeping secrets?  I know some of you are like “no shit, you already told ME”….SHHHHH I would never do that , well except this one time….

So my kids godmother is named Wendy.  Unfortunately, we don’t see Wendy that much any more because our lives have taken different paths, but she is still very important to all of us.  I saw Wendy’s Green light come on Facebook the other day, and after about 2 seconds of thought, I figured it would be “safe to tell her”…….

I sent her a message the other day saying, “hey can you talk for a minute”?  She replied, “sure”.  “Ok calling now”

When she answered the phone…..

Wendy: Hey what’s up?

Grace: I have incredible news!!!!

Wendy: OMG Thing ONE is pregnant?!?!?

Grace:  YES!!!!!! But it’s even BETTER than that!!!!!!!!

Wendy:  OMG Twins?!?!?

Grace:  YES!!!!!!!!

Wendy:  Do they run in Z’s (her husbands) family?

Grace:  We didn’t know it, but apparently yes……

Next I hear her talking to someone else who then took the phone from her to talk to me….. ?!?!?!?  I hear… “Hi, Grace it’s Brandon aren’t you so excited to be a grandma?”

HUH?   Stunned silence on my part as my brain races to understand who the hell this Brandon is considering I only know one and this is not his voice.  I mutter out something silly like….

Grace: “hell yeah I’m excited, but how did you know?!?!?”  Remember it’s supposed to be a secret

Brandon:  “well she told my wife and I got to see the ultrasound picture”

At this point, I am frustrated that 1.  I know I am busted for telling the secret, and 2.  I still couldn’t figure out who the hell I was talking to so I reply a little bit snarky

Grace:  Well I got to go to the ultrasound! 😛 😛 😛

Then it dawns on me…. I DO know who Brandon is.   He is the officiant from Thing One and Z’s wedding in March!!!!  Oh shit, I am really busted…

Brandon puts Wendy back on the phone and we finished our conversation.  I can already hear the messenger alerts in my ear and I know that Thing One knows…..ut oh, I’m in trouble….

Thing One:  So now Wendy knows?

With the following screen shots attached…..

I swear you can’t make this shit up!  Brandon and Wendy don’t know each other, they live in completely different towns and just happened to be a swimming lessons with their two daughters.  What are the chances of that?!?!??!!?





32 thoughts on “Cat out of the bag….

    1. I was supposed to wait, but she went “public” today and said I could go ahead…yah officially past the 12 week mark, and both babies have strong heart beats!!!!!! couple more weeks til the big 45

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  1. I am so excited that I can finally say something about the babies!! I am also over the moon excited for your family! You are going to make an incredible grandmother and I know you are going to spoil those precious little ones to no end! When do we get to know if they are boys, girls or both!!???


    1. maybe in august? It’s funny, I couldn’t wait to find out with my own kids, but I’m not in a hurry yet with the grandbabies. I know I will be, I am just happy she is so happy and that I get to be a gma!!!

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      1. Does your daughter want to know what the babies are? As long as they are healthy, that is all that probably really matters. You are going to be a wonderful gma!!!!!!!!!!


    1. we all have birthdays in a one week span in august… I will be 45, thing one will be 27 and thing 2 is turning 21…… thing one wants to call the babies thing one and thing 2 though, so I may have to come up with new names for mine. as it stands, on her preganancy app she is calling them tiny human’s…lol


      1. Grace— I love hearing about your family! I love the nicknames you have for your kids. They are so perfect!!! So, while grand one is coming you will be processing nickname for him/her. But it can’t be Thing 1 or Thing 2– those are taken!!!
        Having said that, did you know that if the Cat in the Hat needs extra help he can call Thing 3 and Thing 4?

        Also in the sequel to The Cat In the Hat (The Cat In The Hat Returns) the Cat needs even more help for a new mess he made inside the house. So, he lifts his hat and out comes Little Cat A. Under Little Cat A’s Hat is Little Cat B and so on and so on.

        Please don’t change the nicknames for Thing 1 and Thing 2 !! Instead we must find a nickname for your grands without taking away your own children’s fab nicknames.



      2. Lol Can I just say I love you?… I didn’t want to change the names for my kids, but thing one asked me if she could call them thing one and thing two since she is having twins… as a parent to girls especially, I am used to picking my battles and I only use thing one and thing two in my blog… The battle I am preparing for is MY Name I hope the kids come up with something cool. My grandma was great big grandma, my mom is nana, I hoped to be GMA, but who knows the only thing I do NOT want to be called is granny ( i keep picturing granny from the beverly hilbillies)


      3. If your daughter wants to call her children Thing 1 and Thing 2 that should be fine. However, your name for your grand(s) should be special. Like being called Gran or Granny or Nana or anything else. It’s special because that new little person with that little tiny voice refers to you in that way. No one else gets that name— just you!! Grand one needs a special nickname spoken by only those that love he/she most.


  2. Hahah I think you still win because you went to the ultrasound, not just saw the pictures.
    Ooooo how exciting, your baby is having babies! Congratulations – that’s such wonderful news, and I’m not surprised something like this would be hard to hold inside! 🙂


  3. I love all the excitement abuzz about the little humans. What does GMA stand for?
    I’ll be paying attention to grandmother nicknames.

    So excited for you—even if it ends up being Granny I think you’ll love it, especially when that little voice starts to say it specifically to you!


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