So THIS happened today

The other night, I was making a pork chop on the stove, and my smoke detector went off literally saying.  “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE”.  There was no fire, there was no smoke, but because it was 10 pm at night, I did have an angry kid who had to be up for work at 5 the next day, running into the kitchen yelling at me.  WHOOPS…

I kept hitting the button to turn it off.  It did stop yelling Fire, but then it started saying “Carbon monoxide warning”.  Thing 2 got angry and took the batteries out before lecturing me about making food so late etc and then she went back to sleep.

Yes I did 😛 when she closed the door.  I ate my pork chop and that was the end of it, so I thought…..

This morning I woke up, made my normal path to the bathroom and stepped in dog vomit.  SMH….cmon really?  Why do animals always have to puke on the rugs or carpet areas?

I kind of hopped into the bathroom to clean my foot off, only to step in cat vomit.  You have got to be fricking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ( well at least in the bathroom it was on the newspaper that is still down on the floor from my last incident).

After cleaning everything up, I walked into the kitchen to start the coffee…. want to guess what happened there?

I am not kidding….. MORE animal vomit!!!!

When I finished cleaning everything up, Thing 2 came into the kitchen complaining of a headache and feeling like she wanted to be sick as well.  You know, come to think of it, I have been feeling nauseous myself which I just attributed to taking wellbutrin to quit smoking….but what if…..

I googled what to do if you suspect a gas or c02 leak and called the number for our utility company.  They advised me to take all the people and animals outside (2 dogs and 3 cats).  Within minutes,  emergency vehicles started showing up from all directions.

It turns out, my stove is broken and there is indeed Carbon Monoxide leaking from it.  SMDH!



24 thoughts on “So THIS happened today

  1. Thank goodness you only have a minor leak. You may have never woke up. Feeling relieved yet fearful of what could have been. Hugs!!


  2. Oh crap. I was expecting you to find out your animals had eaten some of your leftover pork chop and shared it with Thing 2 and that would be why everyone was feeling queasy.
    Well, at least now you know your carbon monoxide detector works.


  3. Bloody Hell hun!!! So every emotion went through my head then from beginning to end!!
    1.Smoke alarm going off late at night due to late night cooking = waving tea towel around and a lot of telling to shut up beeping
    2. Going off again for CO = sniff for gas & can’t smell anything over cooked food
    3.still making a racket = take batteries out
    4. Multiple amounts of animal vomit = me vomit
    5. Retrace thoughts from night before cos the kids have headaches = Google
    6. Right now I’m now swearing to never take batteries out again!!!

    So f’ing glad you are all ok right now!!! Guessing kids are leaving batteries in too now !!!

    TF you are all ok!!!!


  4. Damn girl, you had one hell of a day! First and most important, I am SO glad you are okay! This could have gone MUCH WORSE!!!! We would all be totally lost without you Grace!!!
    Second, I have no idea why animal decide it is a good idea to vomit on the carpet, especially when there is linoleum right next to them! One of our cats has an issue with vomiting and it is ALWAYS on the damn carpet and it never fails, I step in it!!
    Please take care of our Grace!! We all LOVE you!!!


      1. I love how Steve’s thinking. Do think about it. It’d be both, but it’d be you.

        I’m not back t yet. 2 months on the road already. I need my life back. I didn’t have much of the Internet in Serbia. The package was pretty costly and I had a limited amount of data since I don’t have a contract.
        I’m in Croatia now, where Steve’s ancestors are from. I’ll be back in Munich in 20 days. Can’t wait. Then we talk more. Hugs.


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