What the hell?

Meet Snuff

Cute right?

Sure at THAT moment she was cute.  She was letting me know that I hadn’t taken her outside to play yet, and wasn’t going to leave me alone until I did.

We went outside. I threw her ball around for awhile, watered my plants, rolled up my garden hose, straightened up my yard a bit, and then we headed back in.

When I opened the door, I was overwhelmed with a horrible smell.

(Oh come on, now what?!!?!??!)

I looked around trying to identify the smell and then it just seemed to go away.  Shrug ok?  I did some miscellaneous picking up and went into my office, now the smell was there?!?!?!?

I checked my shoes, clothes etc…what the hell was that?  And then the smell was gone.  Again.

Twenty minutes later the smell was in the living room, and then vanished just as quickly.

I played the “chase the smell game” for the next hour, perplexed that I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from……..

Finally, I sat down in the chair. Snuff came up to me to Nuzzle my leg so I would pet her.  I reached down to stroke her neck and found the smell.  Her neck was covered in dog shit.  I know it’s cliche to say but “I ONLY TURNED MY BACK FOR A MINUTE!!!!!”  (obviously that’s not true)  Both of my dog’s are very well trained, well as far as staying in my yard, and usually under my feet, so of course I wasn’t watching her the whole time.

The groomer is booked today, and I’m in no shape to climb in the shower with her to bathe her, so she got the hose….. I suppose I SHOULD feel bad….but did I mention she is just too damn cute?

wet dog





“Practicing” for recovery

I wrote yesterday about preparing for surgery, and although I have been through this a gazillon times, I forget to mention something very important.  Try to envision yourself with your Post -op limitations and practice overcoming them!!!!!!

Over the years, several people have asked me what I considered to be the worst part of having MS, while the worst symptoms may vary day to day, my answer is…

The worst symptom of having MS, is the one you haven’t learned to adapt to.  By adapting, I don’t mean accepting it, so much as I mean finding a work around or a way to still accomplish your goal.  Sometimes you have to get pretty creative, but most symptoms can be managed with some trial and error.

Getting around your house in a wheelchair

While I have been in a walking boot for a couple of weeks now, after surgery I will not be able to bear any weight on my foot, which for me means using a wheelchair.  I’ve had to use a wheelchair before, but not in this house and for other reasons.  So yesterday my first step was going through my entire house using the wheelchair.  The only trouble I ran into was trying to get into the bathroom.  First of all, the door is only wide enough for the chair, NOT for my hands on the wheels.  Whoops!  *Note to self another home improvement project for next year.

squatty potty The next issue I RAN into (literally) was the squatty potty.

I can not get close enough to the toilet, pivoting on one foot with the squatty potty there, so it had to move.

The pain pills are not going to help with my normal issue of MS and constipation, so better I just make a clear path for using the laxatives I know I will end up needing.  Even “power pudding” doesn’t help with the constipation from Norco.

Selecting clothing for after surgery

Again, I have been in a boot for a couple of weeks, so I know there will be some challenges putting on pants.  Not that I like wearing them anyway, post op visits and physical therapy will require some form of clothing for my lower extremities, so I have purchased some guys basketball shorts to wear for those occasions.  Even those will fit over the cast.

CLIMBING into bed

tall bedThis one may not happen for a bit.  I have one of those really tall beds that you literally have to Climb up onto.

Okay not literally like this one, I am totally being dramatic, but I discovered it is difficult to climb on my bed without bearing weight on my right foot, so I will be sleeping on the couch for a few days.

I have packed a small bag of things to keep me busy, while I am NOT sleeping.  Notebooks, phone and laptop with chargers, tv remotes, and a couple of books.  The only thing I am missing is a mini fridge and a maid.  But at least this isn’t permanent.  (putting the things in a bag will allow me to transport them to another room easily without worrying about dropping them)

Thank you for letting me share my tips with you.  To be honest, this is part of my mental checklist to prepare for surgery as well. I will write more about the MENTAL part of preparing for surgery later this weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.  If you do anything fun or adventurous please share pictures so I can live vicariously through you!!!




Too Many to count

I’m not just talking about the number of speeding tickets I have had. (although that number almost equals the number of years I have been driving) YIKES!

I’m talking about the number of times I have been “put under”.  When you get general anesthesia, you’re “put under,” which means that you’re totally unconscious and immobilized. You “go to sleep” and don’t feel, sense or remember anything that happens after the drugs begin to work on your system.

My very first surgery was having my wisdom teeth removed when I was 16.  Between that time and my most recently scheduled surgery (having screws and a plate put in my right foot on 9/4/2018)  I have lost track of the number of times I have been put under.

I really do need to keep better records.

The most notable surgeries were:

  1. an emergency C-section with Thing One
  2. a hysterectomy
  3. CMC joint replacements in both my hands
  4. the power port being placed in my chest (on valentines day…smh)
  5. a laminectomy of my thoracic spine
  6. and my every few months Botox in the BLADDER surgeries.

You could almost call me a professional surgeree?  I don’t really think that’s a word though, so let’s stick with patient.

I’m not writing this post to elicit sympathy, but rather to share some of the things I have learned over the years to help me prepare for going under.  For me, preparation for surgery begins more than a week before surgery.

The FIRST thing I do is take a look at the amount of recovery or down time that the surgeon is recommending, then DOUBLE IT.  (Most people probably don’t need to double it, but I’m going with MY past experiences, AND the whole plan for the worst, but hope for the best scenario)  Make a list of all the things that you are responsible for during that time period and begin to look for someone to COVER for you.  Your list should include the basic necessities of adulting like eating, bathing, paying your bills etc.

In my case I have purchased enough groceries for a month.  I won’t claim that they are the healthiest options available, but this will allow me to be as self sufficient as possible.  All of my bills are set up for automatic bill pay.  I have hired someone to take care of my lawn.  My kids will be grabbing my mail for me a couple times a week etc.  As far as bathing goes, I just won’t do it.  I’M KIDDING!!!!!  I have a shower chair and after the number of  medical procedures I have had performed, I have no modesty left, so my kids and some close friends are helping with that.

shower clothsIf you are not comfortable sharing that much with your family, they do sell bathing wipes that you can use by yourself.

While on the subject of modesty, BEFORE surgery is also a good time to PUT away anything you might not be comfortable sharing with friends or a caretaker.  (Don’t put spare cash for food delivery in the same drawer you stash, “OTHER” things.  If you catch my drift.

Most importantly, don’t try to be a hero, super or otherwise.  Just because you THINK you can do something, try to error on the side of caution, at least while you are on pain meds.  If you wouldn’t do the task after drinking a 12 pack, maybe wait just a little bit longer or ask for help?!?!?

drivingWhile I have figured out, kind of, how to drive with my left foot, I will be relinquishing my keys for the next couple of months.  While I have proven to myself that it CAN be done, it’s really not safe and is against doctor’s orders.  I would hate to have the issue come up if I had a flat tire, or worse was involved in an accident.

I have more that I would like to share about preparing for surgery,  especially about the night before and day of, but I still have more to do and a few days before surgery, so I will write more later.

Have you ever had surgery?  Can you think of anything I have missed?  Any funny stories to share?

Conflicting Emotions

Have you ever felt emotions that were complete polar opposites at the exact same time?

Last week, I wrote  One Step forward, two steps back.   I saw the surgeon this morning.  I should be happy that he was able to see me so quickly, and that they will be getting me in for surgery soonish.  I AM happy…kind of.

BUT, I am also pissed off.  I’m mad at the doctor who dismissed my foot pain and swelling as gout, but I’m even more upset with myself for letting him.  I should have fought harder for myself.  Three weeks have passed since my original visit to the doctor,. Three weeks before I couldn’t handle the pain anymore, and went to immediate care.  THREE weeks more damage to my foot because I continued to walk on it.  and NOW surgery.

The doctor is trying to get me in for surgery this week, but I have Medicare for insurance, and they don’t do anything quickly, so maybe not until next week.  I suppose I am to blame for this too, since I refuse to take pain meds, it can’t hurt that bad??!?!?!??!   I don’t refuse pain meds because I have a high pain tolerance, I refuse them because even one norco binds me up for at least a week and the mood swings are scary…. In hindsight, I will ask for them anyway.

While on the subject of being angry.  I am also mad that I bought another pack of cigarettes.  No one forced me to do that, and I know that recovering from surgery will take longer if I continue to smoke, yet I did it anyway……I have thrown the pack out 3x only to dig it back out of the trash….yes disgusting I know……

But did I mention yah surgery?…..smh

And then there were two….

I wrote last month that my oldest daughter, Thing 1 was pregnant and that she was having twins.  I didn’t share anything else other than I am excited as hell, oh and that I can’t keep a secret.  But but, I have more to share….

But before I do, I would like to introduce you to Thing 1’s dog’s ( my grandpuppies) Atlas (left) and Juno (right).  The picture above was taken on Juno’s birthday, she just turned 2.  (More August Birthdays.)  keeping with the tradition of being a better grandparent than I was a parent, I forgot to mention that my dog snuff turned 8 or 9 on the 8th.  ( bad dog mommy)

Back to the original topic though….being a grandparent to two.

I am going to be a grandparent to two BOYS!!!!!  SO EXCITED!!!!!

I couldn’t keep it secret and needed to share!  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  If you have any trouble, reach out to me I have plenty of happiness in my heart right now!!!!!