“Practicing” for recovery

I wrote yesterday about preparing for surgery, and although I have been through this a gazillon times, I forget to mention something very important.  Try to envision yourself with your Post -op limitations and practice overcoming them!!!!!!

Over the years, several people have asked me what I considered to be the worst part of having MS, while the worst symptoms may vary day to day, my answer is…

The worst symptom of having MS, is the one you haven’t learned to adapt to.  By adapting, I don’t mean accepting it, so much as I mean finding a work around or a way to still accomplish your goal.  Sometimes you have to get pretty creative, but most symptoms can be managed with some trial and error.

Getting around your house in a wheelchair

While I have been in a walking boot for a couple of weeks now, after surgery I will not be able to bear any weight on my foot, which for me means using a wheelchair.  I’ve had to use a wheelchair before, but not in this house and for other reasons.  So yesterday my first step was going through my entire house using the wheelchair.  The only trouble I ran into was trying to get into the bathroom.  First of all, the door is only wide enough for the chair, NOT for my hands on the wheels.  Whoops!  *Note to self another home improvement project for next year.

squatty potty The next issue I RAN into (literally) was the squatty potty.

I can not get close enough to the toilet, pivoting on one foot with the squatty potty there, so it had to move.

The pain pills are not going to help with my normal issue of MS and constipation, so better I just make a clear path for using the laxatives I know I will end up needing.  Even “power pudding” doesn’t help with the constipation from Norco.

Selecting clothing for after surgery

Again, I have been in a boot for a couple of weeks, so I know there will be some challenges putting on pants.  Not that I like wearing them anyway, post op visits and physical therapy will require some form of clothing for my lower extremities, so I have purchased some guys basketball shorts to wear for those occasions.  Even those will fit over the cast.

CLIMBING into bed

tall bedThis one may not happen for a bit.  I have one of those really tall beds that you literally have to Climb up onto.

Okay not literally like this one, I am totally being dramatic, but I discovered it is difficult to climb on my bed without bearing weight on my right foot, so I will be sleeping on the couch for a few days.

I have packed a small bag of things to keep me busy, while I am NOT sleeping.  Notebooks, phone and laptop with chargers, tv remotes, and a couple of books.  The only thing I am missing is a mini fridge and a maid.  But at least this isn’t permanent.  (putting the things in a bag will allow me to transport them to another room easily without worrying about dropping them)

Thank you for letting me share my tips with you.  To be honest, this is part of my mental checklist to prepare for surgery as well. I will write more about the MENTAL part of preparing for surgery later this weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.  If you do anything fun or adventurous please share pictures so I can live vicariously through you!!!





20 thoughts on ““Practicing” for recovery

  1. These are such useful tips. While I don’t have MS, I do have Chiari and have been through my share of surgeries and recoveries – not easy. But you’re right in planning, it’s all we can do. When is surgery scheduled for?


    1. OMG, I really feel like such a dumb ass… I didn’t know Chiari was an illness, I thought it was your daughter’s name and a beautiful one at that. Want me to hold still while you throw an egg at me? I am really sorry. I’m also sorry that you have had to go through many surgeries…they really are no fun 😦 I think I must have made someone at the surgery center angry because I got the 2 0clock spot on Tuesday, and they are not going to use my port for the iv

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      1. Haha! Thank you! 😆 No problem! No, I’ll keep my egg. Too funny! I think that person will be ok, things happen and we have to accept them as they come. I wish you well and the very best. Keep strong. Please update us and I will keep you in my prayers. 😊🙏🏽

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  2. I think the most difficult parts of living with MS is the endless amounts of accepting we are forced to do due to the countless amount of changes we encounter every day. We have to alter our days based on how we feel and that can just be frustrating!

    It sounds like you are prepared for your surgery, but I wish you the best possible outcomes during the surgery and afterwards when you MUST rest!!!!


  3. “The only thing I am missing is a mini fridge and a maid” – Time for some internet shopping then! 😉
    Another honest and helpful post. You have my empathy with the constipation and laxatives (my life story for 10 years..) and with everything else you have to deal with I think you are navigating it all, including aforementioned wheelchair, very admirably.
    Caz xx

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  4. Okay, I think I am getting warmer. Your foot is apparently the culprit. Ugh. I am sorry you have to have surgery again, Grace, and deal with the recovery process. I don’t have MS, but my recovery from my last surgery was a nightmare, I can’t even imagine having to deal with that added element on top of it all. Hopefully, this one will be less complicated, and you will shit with ease. FINGERS CROSSED. K, m​oving on to the next post now.


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