Another surgery?!?!?

Hopefully the last one this year…..smh

I haven’t seen the surgeon to follow up about my foot surgery yet, so I’m not sure that I’m “done” there yet, but I FINALLY have surgery scheduled for Botox in my bladder on Friday.

The last time I had this surgery was February 9th of this year, and since it only helps relieve symptoms for about 4 months, let’s say I am WAY OVERDUE.

If you’re interested in reading more, the link to that post is here….

You’re getting Botox where?

Both the surgery and “recovery” for this one will be a piece of cake, to be honest the scheduling of it is the most difficult part.  I also hope that doctors are able to come up with some other “treatment” soon because I suspect my body will develop an intolerance or tolerance for it.  (you know when a treatment just stops working?)  and having to carry or wear a bag of pee just plain sucks.  (yes even though I have officially given it a name, it still sucks).  So YAH surgery?!??!

While I’ve got you here though, (I hope you’re still reading).  Can I tell you about my foot?  AGAIN?!?!?

First the “technical stuff”

Today marks one week post op.  I see the surgeon again on Thursday.  I have FINALLY been able to put  weight on it (with the Boot on)  AND can tolerate the pain without pills!

even upI have even been able to walk to the bathroom as long as I have the “even up” on my other shoe to help realign me, stand up straight?  I’m not sure how to explain it, but it makes my shoulders straight when standing and takes pressure off my right hip.  Win win

Since I can get to the bathroom easier now, I was able to take the foley out.  First time I am ever grateful for having such a small house.  (10 steps in one direction from my computer to the bathroom and 15 steps to my bedroom in the other direction).

I no longer have to stay in bed

Keeping my foot elevated is still important though.  I was even able to get the wheelchair out of my house by myself.  I went for a “different” kind of walk the other day, more of a roll?  While I wasn’t able to take my “normal” walk, I did make it around the entire block in the wheelchair, using my arms for a portion and my left leg for the other.  It felt great to be moving again.  I know it will still be a long time before I am able to really walk again, it was freeing to know that I can “get out” by myself…and it’s a hell of a workout to help shed the pounds from all the ice cream Jeri delivered.

Thing One and Thing Two

Although Thing 2 and her boyfriend have been helping tremendously, (Ice pack and coffee deliveries right to my bed)  it’s refreshing to be able to do it myself.  Thing 1 and her husband stopped by to check in too.  She is 5 months now and the baby bump is really there now!!!!!!  As I have said before, I’m only a LITTLE excited!!!!!!   Yah grandbabies!!!!!!

granny imageWhile having so much time to ponder, what I would like to be called,  I think I am going to hope for Mammy,  but I will write more about that later.  I do know for a fact that GRANNY just isn’t going to cut it.  I can’t hear the name without thinking of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies….. While I do have her spunk, it’s just NOT gonna happen.

Several of you have commented the you are sorry that I am going through so much, and I really appreciate it, but please don’t feel sorry.  I have amazing friends (you included) and family, and have never felt so loved.  Even Einstein has delivered food and….shhhh cigarettes :(.  I will pick up that battle again, just not today.

Thank you all for reading and commenting.  I am sorry that I have missed so much going on in your lives, I will remedy that today.




27 thoughts on “Another surgery?!?!?

  1. I read the title and couldn’t help but relate so much. I feel that for the past maybe 10 years I’ve had a surgery each year for one reason or another. And this year is no exception, I will have my thyroid removed this November. And the picture only brought back memories, good or bad, I’m not sure but it did bring back memories. The dreaded hospital, the nurses, the doctors, the needles, the bed, ugh, it’s all overwhelming. I will have to read up on Botox in the bladder, I missed that post! God bless these doctors and guide them to help you feel better soon. And congratulations on your coming grand baby, the excitement must be through the roof. 😊🙏🏽


    1. Ana, I have been thinking about your upcoming surgery, I hope you have an army of support around you during this time, if not sign me up! I am only a click away. I don’t know if you use Facebook, but I always have messenger open if you want to add me Grace Fullnot. My daughter is having twin boys and YES if I could, I would be turning cartwheels! You have a very beautiful family by the way!

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      1. Awe thank you so much Grace! Yes, I have my tiny troops ready to go on another surgery journey with me. I don’t have Facebook but will contact you through here! I appreciate your support!
        I can scream, ☺️ twin babies – double the fun! I’ve secretly have always wanted twins, they run in my family, but it just hasn’t happened. Either way, they’re all a blessing from our Heavenly Father. He sends us the children that He thinks are perfect for us. You can mentally do cartwheels, and backflips and handstands, do it all! My mother says, you love your grandchildren a little more than you do your children. 😏 Haha! I’ll see if I agree when my time comes, although I may already agree with her, seeing how you do get to enjoy those tiny precious babies and then get to hand them off to their mom and dad! 👍🏼🙌🏽😆
        Thank you so much! Yes, that’s my tiny tribe – loud and full of energy, because they had to be the complete opposite of me. 😊

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  2. It sounds like you’re making some great progress Grace! I’m glad to know you’re able to get around better now. I hope your bladder surgery goes well. I guess you’re thinking that’s nothing after what you’ve just been through…. Exciting news about the baby starting to show. I know you must be over the moon! Hugs!

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    1. Gone with the wind is exactly where I got that from…. I know you would NEVER believe this, but my nickname used to be Scarlet (for the drama, not my haircolor at the time) so a combination of that and the conversation I told you about, “yes maam” the other day I think I like Mammy 😛

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  3. 5 months already? How exciting!!
    So glad you have a follow-up and the botox scheduled, the waiting and organising these things are often so stressful so that’s a weight off your mind hopefully. Will be thinking of you and wishing you all the very, very best xxxx


  4. Oh Grace, I am so very very sorry for another surgery but I know you want this one so I am going to pray extra hard for this one……..that it works. I so wish you lived close to me so I could help you out……….but please know I am praying and sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

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  5. I am a little late with reading and commenting, life has been crazy as always. I am glad you have your follow up for your surgery! You are always on top of things Grace! That is SO exciting your daughter is showing it won’t be long now until your are an amazing grandmother!! These are such exciting times and I can’t wait to see pictures of your adorable grandbabies!!!!

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      1. I got the job!!!! I negotiated the pay today, but I am going to give my notice to my current job tomorrow morning and start my new job Sept 28th!! I am so incredibly excited!!!! Thank you for asking!! I can’t put that up on my blog yet because I haven’t given my notice yet. I really do not want to piss too many people off!

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    1. Well nice to meet you Mila! I would offer you a cup of coffee, but the damn docs are making me fast presurgery, so NO ONE gets coffee! 😛 Thank you for your admiration of my no shame game, I wish I had stopped caring about peoples judgments much earlier in life


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