ADL and Toe Mice

So Thursday’s post op visit with the surgeon didn’t quite go as expected.  That isn’t to say I am disappointed with the results, it’s just that he said something  I NEVER expected to hear….. EVER….

My friend Jeri picked me up and we, well she, drove to the doctor.  My appointment was at 2:45, we where shown to a room at 3:45.  (not bad as far as orthopedic visits go)  I climb onto the table and the nurse begins asking me what my pain levels are.  This is a trick question I am sure, because if I don’t walk on it and keep it elevated, my pain is pretty low on the scale.  After I have been walking around a bit, or letting my foot hang down too long it climbs quickly.  I told the truth…. kind of… I left out the part that I had been standing alot.

Do you want more pain pills?

I quickly answered, “NO!!!!!”, and pulled out the bottle of remaining pills that I had asking if she wanted them back.  I can not stress enough, that I really don’t like the way the make me feel ( mood swings, maniac, nauseated etc.)  and I NEED to be able to feel the pain to prevent me from overdoing things.  I agreed to take Tylenol over the counter as needed.  (in my opinion, advil is better at pain relief, but since I am a bleeder and it’s a blood thinner, I will stay away for now)

I took off the boot, the nurse removed the dressing, I took a quick picture, and then looked away.  The doctor, and a student came in shortly after.  As he pulled up a chair beside me to examine the stitches, he asked, “Did your father tell you what we found?”… I replied “um no, not really, he didn’t tell me that you FOUND anything, but what he did tell me was…… “So the doctor took off your big toe, reamed holes in your foot and then your toe, they put in a stud and then screwed your big toe back on”.”  The doctor looked at the medical student and then back at me.  He said, well “Yeah, that’s basically what we did”.

After seeing the horrified look on my face, he said, “No seriously though, let me tell you what we found.”  “When I made the incision, two toe mice immediately popped out.”

ANOTHER Horrified look

“Toe Mites?”, I asked.

“No Toe Mice” he responded. and then continued,  “It’s a medical term that we use to describe what we found.”

I really wish I had a picture of my face, because I can’t find the words to describe all of the things I was feeling at this point.

“Cmon doc, PLEASE tell me the truth, I am gullible as hell and completely disgusted that I have mice?!?!?!? My next step is to cry and I promise you don’t want that”.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “let me explain.”  “First of all young lady, I can not believe that you were able to walk at all with the amount of damage in your foot.  You had absolutely zero cartilage in your first metatarsal joint.”  He pounded his fists together to demonstrate the bones hitting each other as I walked.  He went on to explain that because I continued walking the bones starting splitting and breaking off into fragments (or mice).  This had been happening for so long that the bones had turned into smooth marbles and kept chipping away more bone.  The combination of those conditions, my unsteady gait, and whatever I was doing to compensate in my walking caused another break.

WOW that’s a lot of information.  Crazy as hell too, but a lot to absorb.


As I tried to process what he was saying, he re-wrapped my foot in gauze and an ace wrap before sticking it back in the boot.  While he says the incision is healing nicely, I am stuck with the stitches for another week still, but I am released to begin ADL in moderation.

ADL- Activities of Daily Living

Should be simple enough right? But for me it wasn’t….please take a minute to watch this video to understand why, especially if you don’t know me very well.

So this is what Jeri and I were doing BEFORE we saw the doctor.  I get that I can’t use my right foot, so I thought we could just throw the ball and knock the beehive down.  I didn’t realize that to get any “air” with the ball I would have to push off with……you guessed it, My foot….holy mother of……………………………

I was ready to give up, but Jeri was having fun, so I played video  ographer…..

Anyway, I’m not sure that this is considered an activity of daily living, but since I do dumb shit like this all the time, I asked for further clarification.  More specifically….

I am allowed to….

1. stand/or walk for no more than 5 minutes at a time.  to be followed by a minimum of 1/2 hour break  AND ONLY WITH THE BOOT ON

2. Take the boot off except for when walking or sleeping

3. I can resume sexual activities, so long as my toes don’t curl during orgasm (yes this was discussed)

I am not allowed to

  • Curl my toes
  • get the stitches wet
  • put any weight on my foot without the boot
  • specifically throw a ball at a bee hive
  • mow my lawn
  • go grocery shopping without a scooter
  • drive 😦

I will call that progress……though not as much as I hoped




46 thoughts on “ADL and Toe Mice

      1. I will have to pay more attention next time. I will make it my plan to exploit them when I want him to “release me”…. long long road. Are you having a better day today?
        I was thinking about your day the other day and I wonder if it would have played out differently, if your friend had said, I really want to do something, I’m not sure if you would enjoy it but I would like your company to make it work…then it could have been an adventure?

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      2. That’s a good plan and I hope your road to recovery won’t be too arduous
        Haven’t done much today but I’m ok thank you 😊
        To be honest, even if he’d told me the plan I don’t think I would have gone but expressing it in that way would have made me more inclined to go along if you know what I mean xx

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  1. Grace you are a tough cookie. I was so happy to hear that the surgeon was able to connect to your emotions!! And further give you missing information 🐭 🐭 to help you understand so that you can do the work to heal! Be disciplined with your foot friend. As hard as it may be day in and day out, you of all people can do it!!!!

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    1. Ty Jenn!… Being able to “move again” has helped me find my sense of humor. I don’t want to do this again. To be honest, this whole professional patient thing is getting so old. MY PLAN is to recover and try to stay out of trouble so I can teach my grandkids all kinds of tricks.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can only imagine that!! Have you ever read IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN?
        If not take a look see — it is a glimpse into the future of GRACE & THE BABIES.
        I wish I could be there to watch. 😉


      2. stitches out, min 5 more weeks in the cam boot, then a different boot and so on….will know more when they do xrays this thursday.
        Did you do pelvic floor therapy before? I thought I read somewhere that you did. I’m having trouble with the deep breathing while exercising…can i pick your brain?


      3. I did have Pelvic Floor Therapy but I have to admit I haven’t kept up with my exercises lately. Let me review my notes tomorrow and then I’ll response about DEEP BREATHING WHILE EXERCISING!😉


      4. I kinda tried this about a year ago, and then other things got more important. I started again a bit before I broke my foot, but again the foot took precedence..always something…


    1. Thank you! Right now I am struggling with not racing the clock to accomplish everything I can in under 5 minutes. Sitting in bed with my leg up isn’t helpful either as I contort my hip in some funky position. smh


      1. Yes. it’s best to take things slowly for the next few weeks. I would say it’s about 6 weeks recovery. Your specialist would have told you that you can’t place weight on your foot so no weight bearing for a while. Maybe get someone to cook for you or order meals for the next few weeks.

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      2. Oh Wow. I wouldn’t recommend putting any weight on it just yet. People usually use crutches post surgeries like yours then slowly increase the weight bearing. Although itm ight be a bit different with the cam boot on.


      3. I agree Oh wow!… this whole journey has been he said she said if you know what I mean? The first week I was absolutely no weight and in a wheechair ( i dont have the balance for crutches), but they wanted me to begin with weight (IN THE BOOT) quickly….smh… Thank you for discussing it with me, I cant wait for this to be over!

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      4. Yes first week is no weight bearing but now you should still be partial weight bearing with CAM boot on. Have you had access to OT services?
        Usually you are told to avoid stairs, if your house has two levels people usually live downstairs till they recover and have meals pre-prepared or ordered to avoid stress.

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  2. Toe mice huh? Now I’ve heard everything. And did you consider the possibility that if you actually knocked that hive down and it splattered when it hit the ground that a swarm of angry bees would be swarming after your ass?
    I doubt in your condition that you would have been able to outrun them. smh

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      1. I thought you would agree with my comment!
        The storm didn’t hit inland as much as they predicted, so we are perfectly fine. The move came up much quicker than I thought it would! I mean I had a great interview with a company I am excited about and the offer the same day. I did want to have a job and moved before my birthday and it is happening!! We currently live in North Carolina, but we are moving 2 hours south into South Carolina. I am so nervous and excited about everything right now. I found alcohol helpful over the weekend!!

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  3. Holy mackerel, you’ve got a Frankenstein foot there. On the bright side you can’t mow the lawn unless maybe you use a riding mower, and on the brighter side you could have sex on a riding mower, but it seems like you get into enough dangerous activities as it is.
    You should probably stop letting Jeri hold your beer.

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