Horses, not Zebras

This is probably another post that I should call, “Oh look a squirrel” .  I want to tell you about Thursday’s post op visit, but I am distracted by the Shocking sensation that seems to be taking over my body.  So let’s start there.

I have said before numerous times that for me, the worst parts of having Multiple Sclerosis are the unpredictability of the disease, the struggle to adjust to new symptoms, and the fear that they might become permanent.

When a new symptom shows up, you might wonder if it has anything to do with MS.  Is there something new in your life that is causing more stress? Did you eat the wrong foods?  Did you overdo it?  Maybe you are just sick?  SO MANY questions…..

Today is one of those BAD days for me.  I woke up this morning feeling “dizzy”.  I had not even gotten out of bed but something didn’t feel right.  As I moved to sit up, I felt like I had “the spins”, so I quickly laid back down.

As I began to take “inventory” of my body, I acknowledged the feeling of SHOCKS or Zapping in almost all of my appendages each time I moved them.  Well now what?  Laying in bed all day is not an option.  I mean it, could be, but I hope not.  Is anyone else home, if I try to stand up and my body doesn’t cooperate?….

Take some deep breaths Grace!!!!

How is that gonna help?!?!? What is that gonna fix?!?!?!?  To be honest, it’s not going to FIX anything.  BUT, it will allow you to calm down and focus on the present.

After calming myself down, I was able to focus on what I was feeling at the moment.  I am/was scared.  Am I having a flare up?  I did just have surgery.  I also currently have a UTI ( yah foley catheters)  It’s also slump week.  (even more than that, I am a week late getting my infusion)  When you hear hoof-beats think horses, not zebras right?

So my plans for today will have to wait.

I will post again after I have had my infusion, or when the world stops spinning here.




34 thoughts on “Horses, not Zebras

  1. I sometimes get so overwhelmed with overthinking and pain and feeling unwell and just end up going in circles (high anxiety doesn’t help this) and taking the time to slow down can help you to focus and gain a little piece of calm. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling extra rough today – all the best with the infusion lovely. I hope tomorrow is a little brighter for you xxxxx

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  2. oh dear! i am so sorry this is happening! i was just thinking today i am going to write down this buzzy, vibrating symptom i have for my doctor. at various times random parts of my body will buzz or vibrate. occasionally when i wake up i have this surreal experience like my whole body is in a net of electric buzzing. it’s kind of neat, but worrisome for whatever it indicates. didn’t mean to make this about me. just sympathizing with you. i hope it isn’t permanent and i hope it is no harbinger of things to come!!! sending you love and light! xoxoxo

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    1. I’m glad you are writing down all of your symptoms, it can really help with diagnosises…. which leads me to horses not zebras…its a thing that med students are taught… if you are standing in the middle of the street in your town, and you hear hoofbeats, check to see if its a horse, before automatically assuming its a zebra because a horse is the more likely culprit…. same with diagnosises….start small and dont assume death …does that make sense?

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  3. I have terrible bouts of vertigo. I’m so sorry. It’s not only extremely disruptive but very unsettling. I get it as a side effect to most medications and supplements. Or seemingly when the wind blows the wrong way. It’s frustrating. But it settles and you learn lots of tricks to at least get to the bathroom and fingers crossed the tea pot, or in your case the coffee pot. Hoping it’s let go of you by now!!

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  4. I know I am very late with a response, but I was finally able to start reading posts. I am really sorry you are going through a difficult time in life, but hope things are looking up all these days later. Just always remember how important rest is. I know we all feel like we have to be doing something, but all that does is harm ourselves. It isn’t easy, but try to take care of you because you my dear sweet friend is so important!!! All my love sweetie!


      1. Thank you Grace! The move was more like hell, but things will hopefully start calming down soon. For some reason my husband’s mood has been horrible lately and still depressed. I think he is trying to drive me crazy! I can’t put things like that on my blog because my mother and his mother read it. Unpacking is a work in progress. It is an older house we moved into and the kitchen cabinet space is way too small. The house is definitely a mixer upper, but it will all work out. I do like my new job and the people I work with, so that is a positive thing! How is your daughter doing?

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      2. Both the kids are doing well. I assume you mean thing 2 and the babies? She looks like she is 9 months pregant and she is 6 months, both babies have all their parts etc…even though they are twins, their sizes are average for a single baby…ie single baby approx 10 oz, both boys are 13 oz…. i don’t envy her

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      3. I am so glad everyone is going well. I definitely do not envy your poor daughter being pregnant with twins. That must be hard for the poor girl!! When is she due again? You are too funny saying she looks like she is 9 mths pregnant. I guess that additional bundle of joy adds on a lot!


      4. My goodness the poor girl has a long way to go, but at least summer is about over so she won’t have all the hot weather to deal with. I know y’all must be super excited. How are you doing?


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