Better days ahead… week 3 post op

Last week, I briefly wrote about having the dizzies” The fact that I was experiencing this new symptom in addition to it being “slump week” for me, made it very difficult to stay focused and on task.  Thankfully, I was able to “just be” over the weekend.  I had my infusion on Monday, and life has returned to normal (whatever that is)….

Last week, I also posted, So…not what I was expecting….  Originally the post was going to be about the post op visit, but I got distracted.  So let me tell you now what I was not expecting.stair xray

I knew that they would be xraying my foot, but I did not expect to be climbing stairs for them to do so.  How the hell is that safe in anyway?!?!?  The doctor had ordered me NOT to put any weight on my foot without the CAM boot on, how did he expect me to do this?!?!?

I climbed the stairs with the boot on, tried to balance while taking it off, and hovered my foot over the xray table.  I held on very tightly (while standing on one leg) while the technician re-positioned the table numerous times.  When the xrays were done, I put the boot back on, and climbed off the table…..  Again, what the hell were they thinking?  How can this be a good thing?

After reviewing my xrays…..

The doc says, “Everything looks like it is healing beautifully.  I want you to continue doing exactly what you have or haven’t been doing  (no driving, no weight bearing without the boot on, and then still limited walking) for another 3 weeks and then we are going to try to get you back into hard soled shoes.”  I also got the approval to sleep in a surgical shoe instead of the boot.  My hips and I are very thankful.

I am somewhat skeptical about being able to go back to normal shoes in this amount of time, but since I am no longer feeling any pain, I am trying to be hopeful.

Another thing that I DID NOT expect to hear was that I did indeed also have gout.  Although my blood tests showed almost no uric acid, when they performed surgery, there was an abundance of uric acid crystals surrounding the joint and the break.  Part of me wonders if this is one doctor trying to cover for the other.  I guess time will tell huh?

I will still be reviewing and in some cases re-sharing some old blog posts over the next couple weeks.  It’s kind of funny that I am the MS blogger, who rarely talks about MS though isn’t it?


31 thoughts on “Better days ahead… week 3 post op

  1. “It’s kind of funny that I am the MS blogger, who rarely talks about MS though isn’t it?” – All I can say is blogging is about getting things off you mind – not what is in your brain. lol

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  2. On the bright side the mystery of your gout is solved. There was no uric acid in your blood because it’s all gone to your foot.
    I know, that’s like saying, “It sucks that the plane is going down, but at least I don’t have to eat any airline food!”

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  3. Wow, that’s some hardware, Grace! I’m glad your foot seems to be healing well, and I hope you’re able to get into your regular shoes on schedule. That whole x-ray get-up seems kinda silly…. Obviously if someone’s having their foot x-rayed it’s because they have a problem with it….. Who knows that and thinks, “let’s make them climb stairs”? Glad you’re feeling better!

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  4. wow, so much going on Grace, it makes me dizzy just thinking about it and you are having to live it……….the stairs x-ray is completely insane, it literally makes 0 sense! sending many healing prayers your way.

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      1. it’s complete insanity. i worked in hospitals before i became too ill to do so and i have also had to have all the tests………it’s as if someone with no common sense designed it. so sorry you had to walk up steps to x-ray your injured foot!

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      2. my favorite part is trying to navigate in a wheelchair, when the person who designed the area, clearly has never been in one. I think doctors and contractors would only BENEFIT, from spending some time “trying on a symptom”

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  5. Wow, those X-rays look insane! Glad that’s over for you and that you are now in recovery mode.
    And I can relate to you in that last part, I have Chiari Malformation and also have a few rare instances where I’ll post on the subject. Not sure why?! Does it get me feeling sad, it’s a sad reminder?! Not sure.


  6. Happy to see I have some company.

    Well….lets try that again. I’m not exactly happy. I hate to see anyone dealing with bad stuff and I am sorry to see what you’re going through but…..I’m not alone. Thanks for joining me.

    Take care of that foot but most of all you. So much of this is a mental thing, isn’t it.

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    1. I totally get the not wanting anyone to suffer thing, and also that it’s nice to see someone overcoming the struggle. I think it makes us not feel so alone… What’s happening with you? I mean surgery?


      1. I call this the year of the pain.

        My knee went from bad to good. My ankle went really bad all due to favoring my knee. Now the ankle has healed but now the knee has taken a turn and will need to be replaced.

        I’m hoping for a bionic knee. I’ve always wanted to jump over houses. It’s the little boy in me. Can’t help it. 🙂

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      2. Damn that sucks! My foot is healing by now my hip is hurting from the uneven gait…smh… I hope you pain for the year ends quickly and hopefully next year will be better! Bionic sounds wonderful, but I would be a little nervous around magnets 😛

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  7. I am with Steve. WTF…making you walk up those stairs. So not cool. It makes no sense. But, being the rock star you are, you climbed and balanced on one foot and got it done. Looking forward to seeing the real shoes in 3 weeks! xoxoxo

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  8. What blithering idiot decided to put the X-ray machine at the top of those steps?????? If you do have gout try eating strawberries and cherries – worked for my mum when she had it :O) Glad that you’re healing well xxx

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    1. agreed total idiot! Ty for the tip about strawberries and cherries. I am currently reading a book Wahl’s protocol one of the many recommended MS diets, she talks about the importance of eating organ meat. The gout diet says to avoid it at all costs….smh

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  9. I wouldn’t have expected gout either, but that’s because I always thought it was one of those things you’d definitely know you had because it would be so visibly noticeable (little that I know of gout, which is minimal!) Glad the pain is leaving you alone and that things are starting to heal.. Never seen an Xray machine like that before, not the best if you can’t walk up the steps or stand well on your foot! As for not writing as much about MS as you thought, that doesn’t change that you’re a blogger, with MS, you just cover a plethora of thoughts and conditions on your blog, that’s a good thing because you’re diverse (that’s what I like to think about mine, makes me feel better for not just writing about invisible illness)! 😉
    Rest up and here’s to another week of positive healing lovely xxxx

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