I hit Einstein with the car

True story!

and not once but twice!!

I know it sounds terrible and it probably is, but now it is something we try to laugh about.  Maybe the story will make you fear me, but I truly hope you will chuckle instead, since no one was ever actually hurt.

Back in January, I talked about almost hitting Einstein with a car for the 3rd time.

Fortunately it never happened.  Well THAT time it didn’t happen, but on one occasion, almost 30 years ago, I intentionally hit him with a car.  That’s the only time I did it intentionally, but it was not my intention to kill him, or even hurt him seriously, it was to make him go away and to stop hurting me.  Other than to say there was alcohol, bad decisions, and police involved, I’m going to leave that story there.

Several years later, when I dropped our then teenage daughter off with him for visitation, she was wearing a bright red Tshirt, like the one pictured above.  I found it funny, he didn’t.

Several more years later, the three of us were looking through Thing One’s old photo albums and found a picture of her wearing said Tshirt.  Neither of us laughed at that point.  Actually we both got quiet, quiet enough that Thing One gave us a questioning look for an explanation.  We revisited that bad time with her briefly reminding her that good people make bad decisions, and that we had both changed and had many regrets from our past.  She shrugged it off, because she fortunately had never been witness to that part of our lives.

Maybe seven? years ago, Einstein had to take his car into Discount Tire, and asked me to meet him there to pick him up.  This was the “alleged” or 2nd time I “hit him” w/the car.

sherwin drawing

When I pulled into the cul-de-sac ( my path in blue) Einstein walked from the store to stand approximately where the red X is.  As he was walking out, I continued past him and did a U-turn in the culdesac.  Before I stopped completely, HE WALKED into the front of my car.  He says I ran into him, I say he walked into the car.  (Contact was at Two miles an hour and bumper to pant leg…not even touching skin).  We both stopped dead in our tracks and stared at each other.  What the hell just happened?!??! 

“Why did you keep walking?”, I shouted.

“Why didn’t you stop sooner?”, he retorted.

I don’t think either one of us said anything for many minutes.

My phone started ringing and I answered over the Bluetooth in my car.  It was our daughter, Thing One.  Before she could say anything, I said, ” OMG, Thing ONE, I just hit your dad with the car”.  Her response was………wait for it…… “again?!?!?”  Einstein exclaimed, “Seriously kiddo, that’s all I get?  Not a is Dad ok? Why did you do it?!?!?, really just AGAIN?!?!?”  She laughed and said, “Well you know how mom drives, and if she did actually hit you, you probably deserved it”.

Please be chuckling at this part!!!!

I know that it’s not a FUNNY story, but it is true.

At the beginning of this post, I said that I ALMOST hit him for a third time.  Here is another picture.

parking drawing

So back in January, Einstein needed to do some work on his car, that he kept putting off, because he had my car to use as a back up, or me to drive him to and from work.

Usually, I got there 15 minutes before he got off work and sat in the parking lot waiting, but as I explained in my earlier post, MScog fog,slump week, and grieving, I had overslept.

When I arrived in the parking lot, (again me in blue and Einstein in Red) we both just stopped.  Neither one of us moved for a few moments, until I moved the car along the green path and parked.

This time when he got in the car, we both said, “It really shouldn’t be this hard.”

The following month I moved out.

At the time I moved out, I foolishly thought that would be the end of US…whatever US was.  At the end of the post I wrote in February, The Elephant in the room, I stated, “Can I please get off this roller coaster now?”

Moving out was the best thing I could have done.  It did allow me to get off that particular roller coaster of emotions and start focusing on myself.  But I didn’t leave the “theme park” entirely.  Our daughter’s wedding, the upcoming birth of our grandchildren, the death of Einstein’s best friend, and many other things have brought us together again repeatedly, with the most recent being my needing help after my surgery.

Why am I writing about this?    For many reasons.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote that it had been almost a year since I started blogging.  I decided to take this time to reflect on how I survived last year, which areas I needed to improve on, and what goals I wanted to accomplish in the upcoming year.  Einstein has been a big factor of my life for many years.

Living apart has been beneficial to us both.  We no longer rely on or depend on each other.  When we choose to spend time together, it is because we choose to, not because we have to.  I am comfortable with that.

I really feels good to say I am comfortable.  I am not looking at the future with or without him, I am just letting things be and for us, for me… THAT is progress.  I am focusing on me.  Focusing on improving my health both mentally and physically, FOR ME!

As I have spent the last couple of week rereading posts, one thing that continually proves itself is that I have found a wonderfully supportive group of friends in the blogging world and words alone can not convey my gratitude.  In fact, if you have another minute I want those of you that have stuck around and keep coming back to know… You are one of the “resources” that keeps me going.   THANK YOU!!!!

( Remember this part in the upcoming weeks)

26 thoughts on “I hit Einstein with the car

  1. This made me chuckle. I ran into my exes van (with him in it) with his car (me driving) years ago. It was purely accidental, I swear. lol
    Glad you’re finding a new comfortable norm. Life’s too short not to be happy. You deserve that!

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  2. Grace, this post makes me laugh and makes me feel so incredibly proud of you. It feels like, for the first time, you are truly focusing on you and that is the most important thing. You have such strength, humor, love and determination. I feel very grateful to know you, to care for you and to have you as a friend and an inspiration in my life!

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  3. My sides hurt, this is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time and I looooove the Google map images to illustrate said ‘incident’! I will reserve judgement hear because there’s no clear winner here : “He says I ran into him, I say he walked into the car.”

    But then things get serious for the here-and-now and you two… I’m glad at least that you’re at a different point, that you can spend time together and enjoy it because you choose to have that time together, that you’re able to focus on yourself and the present as things are. For what it’s worth, which won’t be much as I’m not even in a relationship now (probably ever by the feel of things), if I were I’d probably want to live apart, or at the very least in separate rooms, for my own sanity and well being, which I had pretty much suggested to my ex previously too. A lot of couples now do that, together-yet-apart, because there really is something incredibly beneficial about it. My parents now sleep in different rooms too, though I imagine if money allowed it would be different houses 😉 Anyway, point I was hoping to arrive at is that I’m glad that you’re comfortable at the moment, because ‘comfortable’ is such an underrated place to be in! xxxx

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    1. I think the fact that you are not in a relationship now, makes you a great source of information. I think part of the reason I stayed so long while not being happy is because I was supposed to “stick with it”… (my parents have been married almost 50 years).., so I made myself feel like a failure if I couldn’t…does that make any sense?

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  4. thank you so much Grace for sharing such funny stories about your adventurous life……you always have such a wonderful take on things and that makes your posts so incredible to read……..so glad you are here!

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  5. Remind me to stay off the sidewalks when you’re behind the wheel. 😉

    The ending there was a powerful lesson in life, for everyone. In all things we need to remember to not imagine our lives with just this or just that (“I’ll only be happy if X happens” or “I’ll never be happy if Y happens!”). X happens. Y happens. Or they don’t. The future will come with or without them. Let things be. Let things we cannot control be.

    And if they get in the way of our happiness … hit ’em with the car. 😁

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    1. And if they get in the way of our happiness … hit ’em with the car. 😁
      I though for sure you were going to superpower talk me and tell me to take away their power….which for the record, would probably be the better option 😛
      I hope things are going as smooth as possible with your new deal…is it set to close soon?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The appraisal is today, and the loan is in the hands of the underwriter now. Inspections went well on Thursday. 😊👍

        Halloween Day is the proposed closing date. 😄


  6. Your life sure is interesting Grace! Whether you hit Einstein or he walked into the car, I’m glad nobody was injured. You know, sometimes we can have a great relationship with people as long as we don’t have to spend too much time with them. I’m so glad you guys have been able to find that balance, and that you’ve discovered your strength over this last year. I enjoy your blog so much – I’m glad you decided to share your journey with us!


  7. Grace, I love this post! You are a terrible driver, I am convinced, but you are a beautiful and insightful human being, and I can’t help but be in awe of your strength and courage. I don’t know you, but I feel super fucking proud of you right now!! To do what is best for us is not always easy and so often we don’t do that thing we need to. You did, and I AM JUST SO HAPPY FOR YOU. Have an awesome day and for the love of god don’t hit anyone with your car!! xo​

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  8. I laughed at this way harder than I should’ve done for a post about people getting hit by cars. But as it was your intent (the laughter) I do not feel guilty. The diagrams, oh my life, funny AF! And I love the philosophy that the post ends with. I often say there are as many different ways of living as there are people in this world and not one of us should judge or be judged for how we make our lives and relationships work – for US. Sounds like you’re in a good place, or well on your way at least. Now if you could just stop having accidents and medical emergencies……. 😉


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