Not your typical Blogger Award revisited

Revisited? re awarded? Whatever the case, last year I wrote a post, Not your typical blogger award, in which I decided to share some of my favorite blogs with you. I would like to do that again now.

The blogs that I have chosen to list are the ones that make me laugh, or even just really think the most.  I have purposefully NOT included the blogs I follow about MS, or other chronic illnesses, because AGAIN, today is just NOT an MS day for me.  If you are interested in hearing a list of chronic illness bloggers, let me know.  (I have some great motivating and inspirational recommendations.)

The first blogger I would like to recommend is, Tom from Tom Being Tom.  Of course I have to direct you to a fabulous post that Tom wrote about me, Graced (I can’t resist the free publicity.)  Seriously though, let me talk about Tom for a minute.  Tom is the 2nd blogger, I have read every post they have written.  (The first was superman, who I previously nominated for this award.)  There was no challenge to read Tom’s words, it was a pleasure.  Sometimes serious, sometimes light hearted.  Sometimes, (ok frequently) Tom writes about sports and politics, but imo he makes up for that when he shares his love of his wife and his fur babies, Ludo and Moxie.  If you have some time, do yourself a favor and give him a read.  (If you haven’t clicked on one of the links to his posts above, start here.)  This is my favorite.

Up next is Lisa, the writer behind All About Life.  Although Lisa is a relatively  “new kid on the block”,  you wouldn’t know it by the number of followers she has racked up in the few short months that she has been blogging.  There is not just one word to describe Lisa, but here  is one….  CANDID.  Refreshingly Candid.  I don’t remember how I first discovered her blog, but I am certainly glad I did.  In fact, I think she is the next blogger I will be going back to the beginning to read (once I finish rereading the posts I have made) If you are looking for a place to start (not the beginning but an insight into her personality, may I suggest. Refusing to Grow up.

My final recommendation is the blog Lockwood Echo.  While I don’t actually know her real name, Lockwood works for me.  I can’t think of a better way to recommend her than to share what she says about herself on her The Editor page….

The Lockwood Echo was born from a collection of random musings and a wish to collate what I thought may be of interest or side-splittingly funny.

Using humour to deflect rage or feelings of misjustice and trying to make people think I’m wickedly witty has been a game-plan of mine for many a year. It’s self-preservation when life hits melting point. It’s also not healthy to bottle up so much sarcasm. It’s best I let it out.

She does this quite well!  While reading her posts, I promise you will feel….”omg that has happened to me” or maybe be glad that it didn’t. (though you might not admit it as she does.)  If you need a place to start, check out,  then there was that time series.

I’m going to end this post now, as I have much more reading to do.  Please take a minute and look at the blogs that I have listed.  I promise you will not be disappointed!



16 thoughts on “Not your typical Blogger Award revisited

  1. Aw shucks Grace! I’m grinning from ear to ear and blushing to the roots! Thank you so, so much for your lovely words. I’ve got no idea how we found each other either but I’m very glad we did; you make me laugh and inspire me all at the same time :O) xxx

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  2. Thank you, Grace, for the heartfelt mention! I went back and re-read your favorite and, you know what, I need to do that more often. They say that we should write down our aims and goals when our mind is lucid, rested, and well so that we can go back and read those thoughts when we are not our choice selves. That post is a reminder to Tom what is important. Thank you for reminding me!
    And thank you again for the mention. Love you, sister! ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Wow. I mean, Holy Crap ;)! That was unexpected and brilliant and humbling. I’m giddy with your kind words. What a beautiful person you are and thankyou so much for the mention. In great company too 😉 I’m now lost on how I found you, though I know we share many follows and followers, but which one led me to you I can only thank. You are a breath of fresh air, your honesty, your predicaments, your tenacity, your humour, your heart, always make me laugh or think. I shall go take a peek at Lisa on your recommendation and thankyou again lovely lady ;).

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  4. Hi Grace… now, let me get this right… I am here because I followed a link on Ms Echo’s blog (official, she recommended me to call her Ms.) on which she was answering some shout-outs she had and also some questions that were posed to her by another blogger, who had also nominated me for answering those same questions, so I was there to see what she made of those and followed her links.

    And breathe.

    The MS issue that we share had some resonance of course, I don’t really get in to it much on my own blog, but do appreciate reading others experiences for support.

    Anyway, that’s a big enough comment I think.


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