My apologies

I have been more than absent as of late, and I apologize for not having said anything to those of you that follow my thoughts.    Now that things have slowed down a little bit, and I feel like I am on more steady ground, I would like to first apologize for “disappearing”, and secondly, Thank those of you that reached out to me in my absence.

Before I continue, let me start by saying that EVERYONE is OK, or at least will be….

insert my usual SMH here 😛

While I am used to spending my time at doctor’s appointments, thankfully the days I normally spend in the hospital are much fewer.  However, this month I feel like I have been living in hospitals.(on the visiting side).  In no particular order…. my dog had to have surgery.  My brother was in the ICU for internal bleeding.  My best friend decided he was jealous of my new hardware, so he had a pacemaker put in, and finally, Thing One had an emergency c section and my new grandchildren arrived 8 weeks early.

For MY medical news, my foot still hurts like hell and I have been doing lots of pt (pain and torture, physical therapy…whatever you choose to call it), but I am finally out of the boot (as of 8:00 am this morning).  Either botox or PTNS isn’t working, and I’ve been to busy to follow up with the doctor on the next step.  So let’s just call that part of life very pissy. 

Then of course you have the Holidays…probably enough said on that note.  Although, on unlike Thanksgiving Day last year, this year everyone was healthy and together.  So that’s a definite bonus !!!  The “featured picture is my Dad and my kiddos “other halves” playing life size jenga.

Whatever  you are doing for the holidays, I hope that they find you and your loved ones safe and together!!!  I have missed you all and will be back soon, but for now my plate is overfull.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

12 thoughts on “My apologies

  1. Oh my goodness! You’ve been one busy lady, haven’t you? Congratulations on the new grand babies. I hope Mom and babies are doing well, and I hope everyone else is doing better as well. I’m glad to hear you’re okay, though it sounds like your foot isn’t. I hope they’ll be able to isolate the problem and get it straightened out for you. Sending hugs your way!


    1. Ty so much Terri! I know I should have said more about Thing 1 and the boys….Thing one is recovering from the csection very well. Having the boys is the NICU has to be unbearable for her as I know it is for me. They were born at 31 weeks, and they still have a lot more “cooking” to do, but they are growing stronger every day 🙂 As far as my foot, I think I will hold on to the boot a bit longer in case I end up kicking someone’s ass 😉 doctors….smh’

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  2. Oh no, I’m so sorry you’ve had so much on your plate! Never apologise for ‘disappearing’ a little. You’ve had way more than your fair share to deal with. Do you anticipate a lot more in the way of appointments for yourself this month, aside from the doc follow-up for your foot? I’m not surprised it’s all feeling pissy, and the pain with your foot will likely be enough to drive you mad all on its own.

    I do hope your dog’s okay.. And your brother also, that must have been scary. And then there’s your best friend and Thing One. How are the grandbabies?

    I’ve never seen giant jenga like that before, looks potentially very dangerous but a lot of fun!!

    Focus on yourself and your family, lovely. You have so much going on. But you can all get through this, I’ll be rooting for you. Wishing you and your loved ones good health from here on out. If we don’t see you before then, have the best Christmas possible, even if it has to be adjusted a little with everything going on. You know we’ll all be here though if you want to post or reach out. Sending lots of love and hugs, please take things easy  ♥

    Caz xxxxx

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    1. Thank you Caz! Taking things day by day. 🙂
      Dog has recovered, my brother got out of the hospital this morning. Gary is doing great with his pacemaker, the only thing left is waiting for the boys to be able to go home. I am confident that they are in the best place and they are getting stronger every day. I have 24 hour access to the nicu, and even though its not the ideal place to be, I am getting to spend lots of time with the boys and thing one

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  3. Gosh, I mean Holy Crap, that’s a lot of news! Congratulations on the babies and hope all who had ops doing well. Never a need to apologise for absenteeism, life is what it is, and all that is happening around you is much more deserving of your attention. We’ll just wait in the wings for your updates as and when you can. Merry Christmas!


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