Not all who wander are lost….

Hello everybody!  Well it certainly has been a minute or so hasn’t it?!?!?

How have you all been?  I know, I know….you’re probably thinking, “if you really wanted to know, you would have written, called, or stopped by”…. PLEASE DON’T THINK THAT!!!!

The truth of the matter is I have missed you all!  I’ve just been busy busy busy

I can honestly say that in the last few months I have experienced some of the best, scariest, AND most satisfying moments of my life, by simply BEING Present.

I have so many stories to share, but I didn’t know where to start and that kept me away a bit longer.  Coming back and finding a new editor has slowed me down a bit too.

Something that might help me catch up on your blogs and also start writing again is some input from you.  I would ask you to drop links to some of your recentposts in my message area, but after the 370k spam comments in one day fiasco, and my unsuccessful attempt at going self hosted, I do think I have my comments sections locked up pretty tightly including having to be approved and blocking any comments with links in them.  If you wouldn’t mind though, if you leave the title to a couple posts, I promise to get over there promptly.

As far as my stories, maybe let me know what you would like to hear about:

  1.  Becoming a grandma
  2.   2 months in the NICU
  3.  The building collapse
  4. What thing 1 and 2 have been up to (big events in both their lives)
  5.  Whether or not I quit smoking (complete with excuses reasons triumphs and failures)
  6. The story about, “Grace I need you to call me ASAP.”
  7. 24 flights
  8. Why Snuff has to wear a cone?
  9. Whether or not I punched the nurse at one of the boys doctor visits
  10. Why I am shrugging so much lately
  11. My foot…. yes it’s still there
  12. How much urine I can hold
  13. Some other random topic that I am sure I can summon an opinion on

If none of these topics sound appealing, please still leave a comment about what’s been happening in your life.

I look forward to catching up!