My Italian Adventure part 2

As soon as the door to the plane closed, I quickly texted THING ONE to ask her to find a hotel for me, for as few of my travel points as possible, between the airport and the Statue of Liberty.  And then my phone died.

Luckily I was able to charge my phone a little bit on the plane. (yay 20% battery)

When I arrived in NJ, I went in search of my suitcase that HAD made the 11:30 flight that I didn’t.  Customer service advised me that it was already loaded on the next days flight to Milan, but if I really needed them to retrieve it they might be able to assist me within the next 4 hours.  Yeah no.  I made a quick reservation for a hotel and contacted a lyft driver to take me there.  I finally arrived at the hotel around 11:30 pm, where I promptly proceeded to pass out.

The next morning while eating breakfast, I talked myself into and out of going to see the statute a hundred times.  I spent a lot of time reading the Statue of Liberty Website.  I learned that it would be impossible for me to climb so many stairs with a broken foot.  The website stresses that you should allow a full day to visit.  On the other hand,  I realized this was probably going to be the only time in my life that I was here, so I might as well give it a go. 

The hotel agreed to keep my baggage for me and to take me to the airport when I returned.  I used the LYFT app to hire a ride to the Statue.  After all of the walking to get to the ferry, I decided to just see the Statue and the Ellis Island Hospital from the Ferry.  I’m glad I went.

This is probably the best picture that I was able to take of the Statue of pic

It’s certainly a lot larger than I had envisioned.  Here is another picture from behind.


When the cruise returned to Liberty State Park, I spent some time wondering through the New Jersey Terminal of the Central railroad, before stopping to rest on a rock outside and requesting a Lyft back to my hotel.  As I waited, I kept looking at this “piece of art”, thinking how unusual it was to have something so modern surrounded by all the other ancient historical pieces.


When I got close enough to read the writing on the wall, this “modern artwork” took my breath away and sent a chill down my spine.

memorial one


It’s hard to read the words in the picture, but they say “On the morning of September 11th, 2001, with the skies so clear that the Twin Towers across the river appeared to be within reach, the very essence of what our country stands for – freedom, tolerance and the pursuit of happiness – was attacked. This memorial is dedicated to New Jersey’s 749 innocent loved ones who were violently and senselessly murdered that day at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Shanksville, PA. ”

I remember that day, as I am sure, most American’s do.  Wow, just Wow!

My Lyft arrived shortly after.  The rest of the day went as planned.  I returned to the hotel to pick up my bag.  Then took the airport shuttle to the airport.  I made it through Security without any hassles, and I even managed to figure out how to order food at the airport through a system I have NEVER seen.

self order.jpg

I only stood there waiting for someone to take my order for a few moments before I realized that no “BODY” would be coming.  I placed my order on the little tablet to the right, which emailed me a receipt.  A message popped up saying that I would receive a text when my order was complete.  15 minutes later I did.  I took the food to a self pay machine on the edge of the food court, scanned the receipt, paid for my sandwich, and headed to the gate.  All very impersonal.  I’m still not sure what I think about it, but I did manage to do it myself, so there is that.

I boarded the 6:30 flight without any hassle.  At 8:40 am I arrived in Milan.

7 thoughts on “My Italian Adventure part 2

  1. Getting to the hotel & passing out would be what I’d do straight away too. I’d also want to go to the Statue of Liberty while there, like you say, it’s one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ things if you don’t live near there. That ‘model art’ really is unusual, and very striking to look at, while the words are incredibly poignant. A wonderful tribute to the lives lost to such terrible events.
    The food system at the airport made me chuckle. Just shows how much technology is changing (and confusing) things! xx

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  2. I love the way you solo travel! I’d have done the same! I’ve never seen the Statue of Liberty and I’ve been to New York! Traveling with my sisters. We got lost in the Subway. We ended up going to the top of both of the Twin Towers, because we went in the wrong one the first time. God, they were beautiful. I know exactly where I was on 9/11. And moving on… let’s get off the plane in Milan! Yeah, Babee!


    1. lol It sounds like you had quite the adventure of your own. I would have liked to have seen the twin towers! I think when a tragedy hits, you feel it even more when you have been there. (I left Louisiana 3 weeks before Katrina hit) As far as the solo travel, it’s not by choice. Einstein traveled many years for work and I can’t blame him for not wanting to go anymore. But I do always end up having an adventure and at least I get to go so it works

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      1. The hubby and I were visiting New Orleans! We left two weeks before Katrina hit!!! That is so wild, were you visiting LA? I have never minded solo traveling… I enjoy vacation more when the hubby can go with but we didn’t even start dating until I was 37. So, I was on my own. The Twin Towers were beautiful. The observation floor held amazing views. So damn sad. I imagine when you travel you are like a magnet for people, always finding cool peeps to meet! Bravo, Karen!😊💜💫

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  3. This gave me chills Grace…. That must have been a surreal experience, realizing that you were standing and looking out where once you would have been able to see the Twin Towers. I’m looking forward to seeing where your adventure leads you next….

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