Where there is a WILL there is a GRACE?

You’ve all heard the expression, “Where there is a will there is a way” correct?

Thing One: “Mom, mommy, mother-dearest?”

Oh shit!….

Me: “I mean yes dear, what’s up?”

Thing One:  “Z and I were wondering if you would make a road trip to Michigan and pick up Z’s mom so she could come stay with us and see the boys?”


Thing One:  “You don’t have too!!! It’s just that last time she came down here, her “friend” charged her $400.00 and that’s just insane.”

Me:  “Sure, I will do it for $200.00”

Thing One: “MOM!”  ” Seriously, MOM!  Of course she would pay you for gas and stuff, but she can’t afford that, and this way you could even earn a little cash.”

Me:  “Like I said $200.00.”  😀

Thing One:  (shaking her head) “Just think about it ok?”


Treat other people like you want to be treated Grace.

How would you feel if you were so far away from the kids or grandbabies?

Hell you couldn’t handle being away from them for the week you were in Italy……

LOOK at those faces!!!!!!!  DAMMIT!!!!!


Before I continue, let me provide a bit of background information.  Z’s mom is in a wheelchair full time and doesn’t drive.  She lives 300 miles away from the kids and I.  I do have the time and the ability to make the trip, but the last time I tried to do something nice for Z’s mom…. I was left feeling very frustrated and vowed that I would never go out of my way to help her again.

After playing devil’s advocate with myself for more than an hour, I called Thing One again.  I told her, it would take me about 5 hours each way to drive there.  Realistically I COULD make the trip in under a day, and it would cost me about $50 in gas and tolls each way, but I really really didn’t want to do it.  Besides, I got a speeding ticket a couple weeks ago, which would make taking a long road trip all the more stressful.  (watch your speed Grace, watch your speed!!!!!)

The next day Z’s mom, (T) called me.

T: “Grace, while the kids were here last month they mentioned that you might be willing to help me get from Michigan to Illinois and back so I could come visit the boys.  I would be willing to pay you.”

Me:  “Have you considered taking the train like Z did when the kids were dating?”

T:  “I did, but Z said the Amtrak is not handicap accessible.”

Me:  “hmm, that surprises me in this day and age.”

T:  “Yeah, I know.  I really miss them and I am trying to figure out how to get down there.”

Right in the feels 😦

Me:  Let me look into it more and if it’s not handicap accessible, I will come get you ok?

T:  “THANK YOU!!!!”

Before we even hung up the phone, I headed to the fridge to grab a beer.  I opened google and typed  how the hell do I get out of this?!?!?!... “Is _______ Amtrak station handicapped accessible?”


It was!  Yay end of story?!?!!………….. yeah right.  Do you not know me by now?

This is where the real story begins.

I called T back and told her what I had found out. She still didn’t sound convinced.

I do agree that just because something SAYS it’s handicapped accessible, doesn’t mean that it actually is.  So now we go back to the whole treat other people like you want to be treated thing.  I can’t ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself, and to be honest I have never traveled full time in a wheelchair.

As far as I was concerned the only way I could know for sure, would be to do it myself.  I asked Einstein to “hold my beer” while I called the kids.  I told them that if they were willing to cover my travel expenses, I would be willing to make the trip to Michigan to meet her, and to travel back with her all the while remaining in my wheelchair.

The kids thought it would be a great idea and would make T more comfortable taking the trip by herself in the future.  I called her back and she said she was “all in”.  So next week I am heading to Michigan.  I am still working out the details, which (spoiler alert) are a bit unsettling.  I will share my plans before I actually leave and of course I will write about the actual events of the trip when I return.  In the meantime……

Have you ever realized that most of my travel plans take shape when I am trying to help a friend but have also been drinking?  Definitely many  hold my beer moments.  If you would like to read or revisit some of my past adventures, please click on the following links:

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Wish me luck!