Happy Birthday to ME

When you were younger, I am willing to bet that you eagerly awaited your birthday each year.  Hopefully, you had at least a few very memorable ones.  Maybe some cake and ice cream?  Friends and family over?

So why do we stop celebrating them as we get older?  So many people say, “It’s just another day.”  or “It’s no big deal.”

I call bullshit.  Birthdays are the anniversary of your birth.  A milestone that you have SURVIVED another year.  You’ve reached a new level in the ‘game’ called life.

Today I am LEVEL 46 and I am asking you all to celebrate with me.

I don’t have anything BIG planned for this year.  No major parties.  I’m not going on another adventure.  I am just going to be.  I am going to be grateful.

The only reason I can see to STOP celebrating your birthday is MAYBE when you are no longer alive.  Even then I don’t really see the reason.  I still celebrate my friends and family members that have passed birthdays.  For example, every Sept 21, my late Grandmother’s bday, I buy a hamburger and strawberry shake from McDonalds.  I then spend some time reliving some of my fondest memories of our times together.

Did I mention cake?  Who doesn’t like cake?!?!?

So today is my Birthday, at some point I will see my girls.  We are going out for dinner on the 10th to celebrate all the birthdays together. Thing one will be 28 on the 11th. Her and her hubby are going to a concert that evening, AFTER I bring her a cake.  I am staying the night with my grandson’s that evening. Thing two will be 22 on the 12th.  She has to work all day, but I will be waiting at her house when she gets home with Cake also.  Not quite the sugar coma we faced last year during The birthday week, but there has to be cake!

Thank you for joining me today!





What really happened?

The other day I may or may not have been in an accident.  I honestly can’t say.  Maybe you can tell me?

No have I have not been drinking, doing drugs, or lost my mind in any other way.

You know how there are 3 sides to every story?  His side, her side, and the truth?  This is one of those cases.

I was coming up to a RED light at busy 4 way intersection like the one pictured above.

In Illinois, unless it is posted otherwise, you can make a right turn on red after you have stopped and made sure it was clear.

In this story, I am the orange car and Dude was the green car.  Dude stops, then lets off his brakes to proceed.  I  move forward to get a better view of the traffic coming from the left, see that it’s clear, and step on the gas. Then I SLAM ON MY BRAKES.  Dude is still there, stopped in front of me.  :O

InkedInkedInkedintersection 2_LIMy first thought was HOLY FUCK, that was close!!!

Then, Why isn’t he moving?!?!?

Dude gets out of the car and just glares at me.

I think, Aw Cmon…this can’t be happening.  I didn’t actually Hit him did I?  I even asked him, “Did I actually hit you?  Dude approaches my car yelling, Hell yeah you hit me.  Are you gonna make the next 4 years of payments on my car?!?!?  Then he goes to look at what may or may not be a scratch on his bumper.  He knelt on the ground to get a closer look.

From where I am sitting I don’t see a scratch, but there is No way in hell am I getting out of my car with him yelling at me like that.  When he stood back up and started to approach me again, I said,  “Ok, let’s call the cops, and file an accident report.”  He stopped dead in his tracks.  Then he went to look at my bumper, and back to his.

I said, “Why don’t we pull over and call the police.  If I hit you, then it was my fault.”  (I may be wrong but I believe the law states that in a rear-end collision the party in the 2nd car is at fault.)

When he stood up again, Dudes whole demeanor changed.  He was actually smiling when he said, “Ah naw, we don’t have to do that.  It’s really no big deal. Don’t worry about it.”  “Are you sure?”  “Yeah it’s all good.  You have yourself a nice day.

He got back into his car and drove away.  As I pulled away from the intersection,I thought what the hell just happened?!?!?  Did I really hit him?  How does someone go from “I’m gonna kill you”  to all smiles in under a minute?

When I got to my destination, I went to look at my front bumper. There is absolutely no damage to my car.  Not even a scratch.  I don’t remember FEELING any impact, but I could still hear the sound of my brakes as I hit them.

While I will never know what really happened, I am curious… Do you have any thoughts or opinions?