It’s certainly been a minute, huh?

A minute = a year?

Without cheating and actually looking at the last time I said, “Hello”, to the wordpress world, I would guess it’s been a year, since it certainly feels that way.  Putting all emotions aside though, factually I am sure it hasn’t been a year.  Where has the time gone though?  How have you all been?  I know …. “Check your reader Grace”…pick up the damn phone….”

So where have I been?  I can’t really tell you.  Not in the “if I tell you I have to kill you” sort of way, just that I truly don’t know where the time has gone.  I have done many, many things this year, and have been involved in many “stories”. The thing is, most are not MY stories to tell.  I have been taking more of a caregiver, or assistant role this year.

I’ve tried and failed numerous times to quit smoking.  I’ve gained some weight.  I have had a couple more falls, but nothing out of the “norm”.  I spend as much time as I can with my almost one year old twin grandsons as I can.  Einstein and I are doing well.  My MS has not gotten worse, although the weight gain has not helped my walking ability, or lack thereof.

My heart still aches from the loss of Snuff in June.  In fact, there was a period of time that depression took control of my life.  I slept, I ate, I slept some more….. you get the picture.

I’m still here though.  I hope you are too!

I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!