Balls of steel or no ‘common sense’?

Maybe you can help me to decide?  My roommate came home the other night and told me a story that in addition to causing me to laugh my ass off, also caused me to wonder if she has balls of steel, or is just lacking common sense.  I would like to share the story with you, and hear your opinion.

It was about 10 pm on Friday.  My roommate had just gotten home from dinner with her friend, and I was eager to show her the scrapbooks that I had been making to occupy my time.  I ‘rolled’ into the kitchen and saw what I knew all to well to be a speeding ticket.

what the hell
Words came out of her mouth that I honestly believe she’s never uttered.

I thought to myself, “Maybe NOW is not the time to say anything”.

As I turned the chair around heading back to my side of the house, that little devil in me popped out and loudly stated, ” I know what this is, was someone a bad girl tonight?”

With in minutes I saw a new side of my normally soft spoken, laid back, go with the flow roommate.


When I heard the words, “I have NEVER gotten a ticket in my life”, I burst out laughing.   It was inappropriate I know, but considering the fact that I have gotten almost 2 speeding tickets a year since I started driving, maybe I was in shock? I didn’t think it was possible to have NEVER gotten a ticket.

When I stopped laughing I said, “Hey it’s no big deal.  Just pay the ticket and an extra $40.00 to take a class.  They will put you on supervision and it won’t go on your record”.

I don’t think she even heard me.  She continued ranting about the incompetence of the officer.

“Whoa whoa, slow down, hold on a minute. Start at the beginning”, I said.  (I was having an incredibly hard time NOT bursting into laughter again.)

I’m going to attempt to repeat the conversation as she told me.  I apologize in advance for the poor grammar and punctuation.

She said,

I was on blank and blank road on my way home, when this cop comes out of nowhere and turns his lights and sirens on.  I pull over to the side of the road and wait for FOREVER until he comes up to the car.  The first thing he asked me is where I was going.  That’s none of his business and I told him so!  Then he asked me where I was coming from.  I told him that was also none of his business.  I asked him, “What do you want and why all these personal questions?  Would you like it if I asked YOU all these questions?!?!  He didn’t answer MY question, but instead said, “Do you know you were speeding”?  I replied, “How do you know I was speeding?  I would like to see your gun thing.”  (radar gun) HE TOLD ME I COULDN’T!!!  I asked him how fast he thought I was going.  HE said 65 in a 45.  That’s just ridiculous I told him, and where is the speed limit sign anyway, I asked.  He said it was posted before the last stop sign.

She continued to argue with him about the placement of the sign.  He asked her for her driver’s license and went back to his car.  When he came back, she blasted him again.

She told him that both her father and her brother were cops for over (I don’t remember how many years) and in addition to asking for her driver’s license he was supposed to ask for her insurance and registration cards.  He again asked her where she was coming from.  After telling him that he had already asked her that, she picked up her carryout box, shook it at him, and said “I already told you, I am coming home from dinner with a friend.”  She advised him that she doesn’t drink, but that he could give her a breathalyzer if he actually knew how to do that.

He took her cards and went back to his car.  When he returned, he handed her the cards and a speeding ticket.  He told her that the fine in Illinois for all tickets was $165.00 and walked away.

I am sure there are parts of the story that I have forgotten.  I am honestly still shaking my head.  I told her that she should have an envelope with information about paying the ticket and applying for court supervision.  This launched her into another rant.  “He didn’t give me anything, but this stupid ticket, and a lot of attitude.  I have never been treated so rudely and I told him so”!

As I am laughing again, I am going to end the story there.  Does she not realize he could have taken her in, at least overnight, for so many reasons?  Does she not know that all of conversations are recorded?  So many questions, but most importantly…does she have BALLS of STEEL, or is she lacking common sense in this department?






19 thoughts on “Balls of steel or no ‘common sense’?

  1. good for her! it is none of his damn business where she was going or where she had been. and without proper speed limit signage, she should take the ticket to court and fight it. when you take it to court, the officer usually doesn’t show and the ticket is dropped!

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    1. I have learned that the reason they ask the questions is to determine your state of mind while driving. Have you been drinking? Are you distracted, are you a danger to someone else? etc They usually ask where you are going and what your current address is because if you have driven a road 100x they expect you should know the speed limit. I think alot of it is to see if you admit to doing something else. I’ve just never questioned being questioned before. Maybe next time I don’t answer…just makes me think

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  2. $165.? That’s cheap! Its a lot more expensive here. And Yes, he can ask those questions. I really don’t think you should be rude to a Police Officer.

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  3. First she should go talk to his supervisor. If he was not following procedure, it should, at least go on his record. The supervisor may tear the ticket up right there. . If he isn’t helpful, she should fight it in court.

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    1. I don’t know if its procedure or not. When I’m speeding I usually no Im speeding so I have never asked them to prove it. As far as procedure, I don’t see that he did anything wrong. With technology, they can tell whether you are insured or not and if your car is registered to you without even approaching the car.


  4. Hahaha bloody hell, I guess a bit of both! I like her assertiveness though, even telling the officer he could breathalize her if he knew how 😂 Brilliant! I don’t know how it works there but don’t you need some kind of evidence that you were speeding? I would have thought she could challenge that. But judging from what’s happened so far I’m sure she will 😉xx

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  5. Yikes. I’m going to refrain from answering directly. Let’s just say, cops are being hunted. I respect most officers. I don’t like to back talk officers. Some officers are rude, some people are rude. In the end, you get more bees with honey…???

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  6. Almost every time I have been pulled over, it has been for speeding, which I usually am doing, so I don’t argue. I answer their questions take my ticket tell them to have a good day and go on my way. The two times I was pulled over that I was not guilty for, I still took the ticket, told them to have a nice day, but went to court and fought it. I’ve just never thought about giving a cop a piece of my mind because as I stated, I know they can make me have a bad evening if they chose too.

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  7. Not to get all politically-charged or nothin’ but there are folks out there getting beaten and even shot for less. Be careful with these encounters. To quote the Boss in “41 Shots”:

    “On these streets, child,
    You got to understand the rules,
    Promise me…
    If an officer stops you,
    You’ll always be polite,
    Never ever run away, and promise mama
    You’ll keep your hands in sight”

    Just sayin’. 🤷

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