What the hell was I thinking?


I know better!  I’ve even written about it in…. Not the Tube.   Of course, I didn’t listen to myself. SMH  Then again, when I do listen to myself, I often make bad decisions.  When your done reading and or watching please share your opinion about whether YOU think I should listen to myself.  I’m pretty sure the answer is not a simple Yes or no.

Ok, so my dumb ass not only scheduled two MRI’s for the same day, but I also attempted to do it drug free.  I will NOT be doing that again!  In fact, I’m pretty sure the hospital put a great big caution sign in my chart saying that I have to be sedated. SMH again

Thing 2 picked me up on Friday and drove me to the hospital for the procedures.  I found that she REALLY enjoys pushing me in the wheelchair.  ( into the curb, into the wall etc)  I went through my 200 question checklist about whether I had metal implants, tattoos, etc in or on my body and was surprisingly ok’d to get in the tube.  Then the nurse asked if I was claustrophobic.  Um yeah….”OH SHIT, how had I forgotten to take the medication?!!??!?”  She told me they could reschedule the MRI, or I could take the medication and wait 45 minutes for the medication to take effect.

I TOLD her I would be fine as long as the tech talked to me between pictures.  SHIT SHIT SHIT!  As she wheeled me to the dressing room to change into the scrubs they provide, I could feel my anxiety increasing, and discreetly slipped a xanax into my mouth. Work work work!

The MRI tech was back within moments to take me to the MRI room.  I’m sure the terror I was feeling (yes terror) showed on my face when he also asked me if I was claustrophobic, but I also told him I would be “ok” as long as he talked to me between pictures.  (I told him all 5x that he asked me)

I wasn’t ok.  I freaked out!  I pushed the panic button before the first set of pictures where complete.  I passed out before he pulled me out of the machine, and vomited on the floor as soon as I came to. SMH again.

Fortunately, the MRI department was very forgiving and not busy that day.  They cleaned my mess, and allowed me to clean myself up.  They told me if I wanted to take medication I still could, but I would have to wait 45 minutes for it to take effect before we could try again.  Perfect! I thought.  I would probably only need another 25 minutes to be “calmer” since I had already taken one, but the least I could do was wait 45 minutes after the ordeal I caused.  Unfortunately, they needed to see me take the medication.  Ah fuck!

Um OK.  I do know that I CAN take two pills, as I have previously been prescribed a higher dose, but I also know that it pretty much puts me ‘out’ for the evening.  So OF COURSE, I made Bad decision number 3, (if you’re counting) and took the pill.  While waiting to retry the MRI, I noticed an empty wheelchair in the hallway, and asked Thing 2 if she would like to have a race or 2.

We did.  Here is the video to the only race I may have won (my foot dropped and I think I may have pushed off).  Wheelchair race  After several races, (I encouraged other patients and visitors to get involved as well)  I did survive the two MRI’s to test for PML and am waiting to hear the results.

So what’s your opinion?  Should I listen to myself or not? 😉

8 thoughts on “What the hell was I thinking?

  1. Ugh, Grace, you must be a glutton for punishment…..there’s no way I could have gotten through 2 MRI’s in one day…. I’m claustrophobic also, but my worst experience with an MRI actually came from the tech who was supposed to do my IV for the contrast prior to…. Let’s just say she didn’t help my nerves any when she said, “It looks like a murder scene in here” after her attempts at my IV went very, very wrong. A friend of mine gave me some good advice before I had my first MRI – he said to close my eyes before I ever went into the tube and no matter how much I wanted to, not to open my eyes before they pulled me out. That has helped tremendously, but I can guarantee MRIs are still NOT on my list of favorite things to do…. I hope you get favorable results from yours.

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    1. Murder scene?!?!?! Yep that would be more than enough for me. I agree with the close your eyes thing for sure! I think the worst for me is my first experience AND the fact that I did fall asleep once, dropped the panic ball, and it took forever for them to hear me screaming (though my sister in law heard me from the waiting room?!?!?

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  2. I almost scheduled two appointments for the same day. The first I need to fast and the 2nd I need to drink water for an ultrasound. But, with my headai, that would be a very bad idea. When it comes to medical tests, one at a time seems better.

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  3. Hahahah! Such an awful situation that you manage to add a comic twist to, love it. I don’t think I have the bicep strength for the wheels so in a race I know who’d win. That video is fab! As for the two MRIs, not so fab. It’s good there were some half-decent compassionate folk in the department when you were pressing the panic buttons though. Never again, eh..! xx

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