Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I am currently suffering from a ‘condition’ that is the exact opposite of having ‘Writer’s Block”.  I have no idea what that is called.  Maybe verbal diarrhea?

I have so much I want to say and SO many stories I want to tell.  What I am lacking is the TIME.  OK and the energy.  I am definitely lacking the energy as well.

I believe every post that I have written this year, with the possible exception of,  Hey, I’m doing alright, has been of a somewhat bleak or serious nature.  (Broken body parts, bad test results, surgeries, hearings etc.) For this reason, I don’t want to just ‘disappear’, and leave anyone thinking that I have died.  At this moment, and for the foreseeable future, I will be burning the candle at both ends.  Which means I have to prioritize where I am PRESENT, in order to not burn out completely.

What is so urgent that I am burning said candle?

  1. My oldest daughter (Thing 1), my son-in-law, and the grandbabies will be moving out of state.  While this is absolutely breaking my heart, they have been presented with an incredible opportunity that heart broken or not I have to support.  Time from job offer to relocation less than 2 weeks notice.  I will be riding out with my daughter and the twins next week.  Then turning around and flying home.
  2. When I get home I will be having Another surgery.  My ‘baby steps’ in the boot have already proven to be too much, so I will have to have the unhealed break fused together.
  3. It’s only taken me a year to do it, but I finally have insurance for LAST YEAR  (yes you read that correctly).  That means I have hours and hours of phone calls and letters to write.
  4. Also Great news, I do not have PML!!!! The doctor still cautions that my JCV levels are too high to maintain my current treatment and infusion schedule though, so I have had to lengthen the time between infusions and my ass is dragging.  While exploring my other drug options I had planned on going to an informational meeting  for Ocrevus, but it has been cancelled because of the Coronavirus fears.
  5. And finally, by the end of the month, my parents and their 50 year’s accumulation of belongings will be moving within 5 miles of me.  This IS a good thing, but they need help, and it is way more work that I can handle right now.

On that note, I am going to stop writing for today and catch my breath for a bit.  My stories and I will be back before you know it!