A Dog’s Purpose

Superman, recommended this movie a long time ago, but I “bookmarked” it fearing I would cry too much especially after having just lost my best friend snuff. I watched it tonight, and I did cry alot, but I also laughed and loved alot… I Definitely have to recommend A dog’s journey. If you don’t believe me, read Supermans post 🙂

Superman found his phone booth

The other night, while strolling through the 179 channels of nothing that we pay too much for, I came across the movie A Dogs Purpose. I’d heard of it, in particular, that it was sad. I’ve wanted to watch it but I learned my lesson with Marley and Me after I barely recovered from the ending of Old Yeller some 45 years ago.

An aside, I can watch the worst horror movie jam packed with gratuitous sex, entrails hanging from the rafters and enough blood to fill a swimming pool and I will sit, unflinching as I munch popcorn. There is no limit to the depravity I can view and call it entertainment. But I lose my mind if an animal is harmed, especially a dog.

Curiosity prevailed and I selected it and sat back in my recliner. An hour and a half later I sat transfixed as the credits…

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6 thoughts on “A Dog’s Purpose

  1. My family all struggles to watch movies with me because I cry and scream if ANY animal is harmed. My husband has to say “H. These animals are actors and actresses! They are getting paid to pretend.” I even cried about the dragon in The Hobbit movies, even tho supposedly he was evil🤣

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