Say what you mean, and mean what you say

Here’s a novel idea…. Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Don’t have anything nice to say?  How about don’t say anything at all?

I am so tired of all the anger, meanness, and blame that some people are spreading in the world today.  I understand that fear and pain can bring out the worst in people, however that is NOT an acceptable reason to be cruel.

“But he/she did it first”?!?!?  What are you five?!?!  “Well everyone else was doing it!!!”  Ever hear the story about jumping off a bridge?  While I think my parents are incredible people, they are mere mortals, yet somehow they made sure I learned that two wrongs don’t make a right, and jumping off bridges because friends did it are NOT very good behaviors to practice.

Many people hide behind this “invisible shield” when they post things online.  They suddenly develop “balls of steel”.  Why is that ok?  And the name calling?!?!?  Seriously?!?!?

Because several states/countries that have been experiencing some form of “lockdown” due to Covid-19, are thinking about “reopening” or limiting restrictions that were placed on their citizens this week several people have been attempting to discuss their state or countries decisions.  I personally have been asked my opinion no less than 20 times.  Regardless of the specific question asked, my reply always includes the statement, “I am not afraid of getting the virus, (If it happens it happens) however, PEOPLE AND THEIR ACTIONS are scaring the hell out of me.

For the past 5 months, I have had a somewhat different (imo stricter) set of  restrictions placed on myself than most people have in the United States.  I have been mostly ‘confined’ to a wheelchair.  I couldn’t simply go for a walk.  I couldn’t drive myself to get groceries, or something that someone else cooked for me.  My outdoor excursions have consisted of visiting my doctor’s office, or the hospital for things that could not be completed online or over the phone. I bring my own restrictions up because I can honestly say I have not been an asshole to anyone.  I have not posted one cruel or hateful thing to anyone, but by the standards being accepted in society I would be ok if I did?!?!?  I don’t get it!

Yes I have felt alone and sometimes depressed, but NOW I am getting scared.  Scared that I am starting to dislike a lot of people.  Scared that if left to their own devices people will destroy themselves.  But mostly I am scared that I have started to believe that I will start handing people the rope.  (give “them” enough rope and they will hang themselves)  Isn’t that terrible?  I don’t want to become one of THOSE people.  (The ones that I am complaining about)

I strongly believe that you should practice what you preach, so I have been “quiet”.  I have been avoiding social media.

Maybe I have been “quiet” too long?

If you are not part of the solution, do NOT be part of the problem.




18 thoughts on “Say what you mean, and mean what you say

  1. Some days I can’t even go on social media because I know the hatred and stupidity will just make me furious and I don’t have the energy. I try to be a positive person to the best of my ability and it’s becoming increasingly harder not to be cynical. I hope things improve by the end of the year (November specifically!) I’m happy you’re mostly out of the chair and onto the crutches, although I know that must be hard too.

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  2. I went through the notes on my note app thingy on my MacBook but can’t find the comment I left. I thought I’d saved it but maybe not. I imagine Akismet may have sent it to spam the first time or it was a WP glitch; for some reason it keeps logging me out now too! Grr.

    Anyway, I didn’t offer any wowness in my comment but I just wanted you to know how much your post hit my core. I have been so, so angry lately, and I’m not an angry person. But the behaviours and actions of others, not to mention the cruel and stupid actions of our government (UK) and everything else, has been really getting to me. More than I first thought. It’s not good. When you said about those selfish people saying ‘I’m not bothered about getting the virus’ I could have screamed. YES! Honestly, the selfish idiocy of some people is astounding and there seems to be an incredible lack of common sense. I went into town today as I had to get some essentials, donning the mask and being super cautious – going out now to the shops or supermarket is twice as painful and twice as long, and that’s before factoring in how long it takes to anti-bac everything when coming home, then showering and scrubbing the hell out of yourself (me anyway, I think my OCD tendencies are getting the better of me)… the thing is, it doesn’t matter how cautious you are because all it takes is one idiot pushing past you, talking across your face to their friend, coughing next to you. It makes me livid.

    Anyway, rant over. My first comment was much shorter than this. I think going out today is tipping me over the edge! When I got back my parents said they wished they could go out and I said ‘no you bloody don’t, it’s a hellish!’

    Anyway, I love your final line here. If you’re not part of the solution, at least don’t be part of the problem. It’s hard to appreciate just how thoughtful, caring and considerate a lot of people are when you see so, so much bad stuff. It’s scary.

    Stay safe lovely, try to distract yourself whenever you can because all of this can get so insanely worrying and overwhelming  ♥

    Caz xx

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    1. No tipping points my friend!!!! Remember sometimes being strong means just resting. I truly believe that you are like me and you do end up losing it on someone, you will guilt yourself into sickness. HUGS Caz!!!!

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  3. Very well said Grace and I could not agree with you more. This country has gone from being the place everyone want to be in, to the the laughing stock of the nation. It really seems that there are far too many bullies that haven’t progressed to the big kids table.

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