Enter the “How Grace-ful are you?” Contest

Grace-ful- knowledgeable about Grace Fullnot or msgracefulnot.com

On Saturday evening, I mentioned that there would be a contest today. In case you did not see the previous post, let me explain the terms here.

  1. Please do not post any answers to the questions until Sunday, September 6th between 9 and 3pm central time so that more people have a chance to enter.
  2. When answering a question, please include information as to where you found the answer (post name, guess, etc) *If you have the time, this part is not necessary to win.

Here are the questions:

  1. How old am I?
  2. Why did I select msgracefulnot as the name of my blog?
  3. How long have I had MS?
  4. What is the “address” of my advice to those diagnosed video?
  5. What is the name of the disease modifying drug I am on for Mulitple Sclerosis?
  6. How do I refer to my daughters in my blog? Can you tell me why?
  7. Which of those sweet little demons did I leave at the store?
  8. Name at least 3 places I have traveled to via plane in the last 2 years.
  9. How many times have I been in a boot for a broken foot? (this is a trick question, even I don’t know the answer)
  10. What is the most annoying symptom of MS that I deal with? Please list at least 2 treatments I have tried.
  11. Do you remember my German Shepherds name?
  12. One of my happiest memories from 2018?
  13. What do I call my significant other?
  14. What are my grandsons names?
  15. Do you remember how we met or how you found msgracefulnot.com?
  16. What is your favorite post that I have written?
  17. What 2 three letter words, or acronyms, internet slang do I use the most? Can you tell me what they mean?
  18. Bonus points if you share this post on social media, and share the location you posted to!!!!!!
  19. This is a “freebie”… If you are a blogger, can you create a post with links to past posts you that you have written that you feel would give a new reader a good sense of what your blog is about? If you do I will share the hell out of it….FREE ADVERTISING HERE!!!!
  20. If you are the winner, which rose would you like? With or without stem?

The winner will receive their choice one of the above pictured roses that I printed with my 3d printer mailed directly to their home or office. (more about 3d printing to come)

Thank you in advance for stopping by!


11 thoughts on “Enter the “How Grace-ful are you?” Contest

  1. This is so cool! I love the idea of trying one of those 3D printing machines, too. Quick question – and I may be utterly idiotic here – but you’ve written Sunday 2nd September. The second would be yesterday (I’m a bit behind) which was a Wednesday. No? It’s been a long day and I’m probably missing something obvious! xx

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  2. No research done here:
    1 much older than you would like to be
    2 you fell down the stairs, hit your head, came up with this while you were concussed
    3 longer than me
    4 can’t think of a smart ass answer for this one
    5. Tysabri – DUH
    6 Thing One and Thing 2
    7. I don’t know but your probation officer wants to talk to you about that one
    8 Italy, Boston and the dark side of the moon
    9 I thought you were born with that
    10 It intensifies your sparkling personality
    11 D.O.G.
    12. If I remember correctly, your grandkids were born. Either that or you got your boobs replaced 😆
    13. Einstein
    14 I should know this, but my dementia is kicking in
    15. By pure accident. I actually think you found me, and my life has never been the same
    16. Fuck, fucking, and motherfucker
    17 there are too many to count

    Stopping here. Hope all is well. Will connect with u one of these days

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