How you doing?

Have you ever seen the series Friends? If not the joke is lost on you. Sorry!

But seriously, “How are you doing?”

Me? I’m doing alright! Still on the right side of the dirt so to speak.

I’ve broken my foot. YES again!. I have lost my last “best friend”. D.O.G. went to rest on January 30, 2021. For the first time in my life, I find myself without someone/something that is dependent on my care. Wait a second that isn’t true, my parents are somewhat dependent on me. Although when forced to do things without my help, they still do ok.

But legitimately, I am doing ok. I see the grandkiddos every 6 weeks or so. Thing One and Thing Two are both happy and Healthy. What more can you ask for?

So I ask again, How are you doing? Everybody needs somebody sometimes. If you find that you need someone, please reach out.


19 thoughts on “How you doing?

  1. Oh my goodness, I am so very sorry that you have a broken foot!!!! What a huge pain, especially during this cold months. Are you getting around ok? I am also so sorry that your fur baby has crossed the rainbow bridge, losing a pet is so darn difficult and my heart goes out to you.

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    1. Having a broken foot in the winter months seems to be my “new thing”. I am an old pro at it by now and have lots and lots of help! Losing D.O.G. has been so difficult, but it would have been worse to watch her suffer. I just got back from visiting the grandkiddos in Colorado and found a painting of her on my kitchen table that my roomate made for me when I returned home. I was blessed as hell having both her and snuff in my life.
      How have you been? We have a “new” crime spree happening here…people “faking accidents and then stealing the vehicles of those that stop to help. I was so angry that no one helped you and your daughter when you were broken down…maybe things like this are the reason why?

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      1. Please know I have sent up prayers for you this evening……..for healing of your foot and for your heart to heal. Happy to know you were able to visit with your grandkiddos, how blessed they are to have you in their lives. 🙂
        Like everyone, I have been struggling with everything so I have not been on WP for a couple of months………I just didn’t know what to write and I didn’t want to sound like a downer soooooooooo I just stayed away.
        You are probably right…….maybe people were afraid we were going to harm them. If they only knew!!! 🙂 🙂

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  2. I already said how sorry I am this happened to you (again), so I’m not gonna repeat myself, esp because I see, being a fighter that you are, you ARE ok, and you’re going to be just fine. Shit happens, I know it best from my experience, so the best thing we can do is pick our shit together and press on.
    And thanks for asking. Not many people ask but, luckily, you’re not one of them, which is why I love and appreciate you. I was in that dirt for a long time but now, though I do have my ups and downs, generally I’m doing alright. The sun is shining again and, damn it, life is beautiful.


  3. I sure am sorry to hear you’ve broken your foot again Grace, and I’m so sorry you lost your fur baby. I hope your memories and the knowledge that you gave her a great life give you comfort. It’s wonderful that you’re able to see your grand babies fairly regularly. I know they have to bring you lots of joy. Blessings to you sweet friend!

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      1. I’m doing well, thanks. We’ve been pretty much sticking around the house, other than doing our shopping runs when we need to. At least I’ve been able to get out and walk around the neighborhood when it’s warm enough. We had to say goodbye to one of our pups early in December, so of course, there are still those teary times when I expect to see him come in the room or his brother does something that reminds me of him. Like you said about D.O.G., it was hard to lose him, but it would have been harder to watch him suffer. Our dogs really are parts of the family, aren’t they? Hugs!

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  4. Oh no, I’m so sorry about D.O.G. That’s heartbreaking in every way. I’m glad you both had each other in your lives while you did, and hopefully you have lots of warm memories to cherish forever more. I’m sorry too about your damn foot, ouch! Is it the same place or a little different? I hope it heals as smoothly & quickly as possible.

    I’m glad the rest of the family are all doing okay, safe and well ♥ Same old here really, but I do get to feel useful looking after my parents which keeps me going. Sending hugs your way,

    Caz xxxx


    1. CAZ!!! So great to hear from you! While same ole can be boring, sometimes boring is welcome is it not? As far as my foot…same damn foot, different place. Pretty soon it will all be titanium….smh


  5. Oh Grace. I am so sorry about your dog and foot and, well, everything. Nothing makes any sense these days and I find myself wondering often, what is even the point? Hang in there girl, the sun still rises and so too shall we. I hope. Big hug and lots of love to you. xo


    1. Are you all settled in your new house? I assume working from home still? Did you decide to do the vaccine? Too quiet without canines, I still keep looking for her…not proud of how I have not been handling it, but it is what it is. Yes I hope to catch up soon! I’ve been thinking about calling. I am going out of town tomorrow for a week…maybe after that?

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