A Post a Day… APAD….Day Five …Just the facts

I woke up still tired this morning. (Even though I had gotten 8 hours of sleep the night before.) While I didn’t have a bad day today, I knew it was going to be long and it was. So all I have left to give tonight is just the facts.

I went to PT for an hour this morning. Afterwards, I immediately drove to pick up my parents in almost white out conditions. I had to take my Dad, which means both my parents, 2 hours into the city for an eye specialist appointment. Fortunately once we left the country visibility was much better in the city, but it was still cold AF. I hate winter….smh

We were going to be early so we stopped at Burger King to grab something quick. It was disgusting. I do like Burger King usually, though I don’t eat there much, but today…ugh. Different restaurant or the fact that I haven’t smoked for 4 days I’m not sure but again UGH.

We got to the Doctor’s office and I realized that I left my mask in MY car…. oppps. I tucked my face under my shirt and went in to ask if they had one. Debbie, the receptionist, ( yes we are on a first name basis now) handed me a mask while advising me that COVID guidelines had changed again….. Surprised? (I’m not, not even a little)…. Ok, What’s the deal today?” I asked. I was told that the waiting room was only open to patients. My dad could come in and sit, but my mother and I would have to wait in the hall or our car. Once they were done with all his testing though, they wanted me to come back in while he was speaking with the doctor…… :/ I answered, “Okay, call me when you are ready and I will come back”. BUT I THOUGHT…… “seriously I should sit in the hallway where 1000 people are going to have to walk right by me instead of a waiting room?!?!?!?” and I can come in to go a much smaller room with more people when the doctor is ready?!?!? How do people come up with this shit? I went out and relayed the info to my parents and my dad went in himself.

While I waited in the car with my mom for over an hour, I worried that when my youngest, Thing Two, has surgery tomorrow they might not let me in with her. Oh Fuck, I promised I would not leave her alone. This is her first time having surgery, while I have had over 50 of them, and she is scared shitless. Yes I said over 50. I stopped counting then. I called the hospital that she is having surgery at and they assured me that I will be able to come in with her. Ok. YAY!

I am really really trying not to worry about tomorrow, but believe it or not I would rather be the one on the table than to have to worry that something went wrong while she is under. My dog was spayed last week and the 5 hours between the time I dropped her off and got the call that everything went ok were pure hell.

Debbie called and said they were ready for me to come in. I did. They weren’t. They had me sit in the waiting room (yes the one I couldn’t be in an hour ago) with my Dad for 30 minutes until the doctor was ready. SMH

We met with the doctor for 30 minutes, made appointments for more testing and then started to 2 hour drive home. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I was met at the door by Einstein and both dogs. All of them started barking at me and demanding my attention. I have nothing left to give. I made a quick dinner, played with the dogs for 20 minutes, and tried to listen to Einstein tell me about his last day of work. I’m exhausted. I’m actually ready for bed, but won’t make it there for a few more hours I’m sure. and I’m also sure that I will wake up tired tomorrow and do it all again. Odds are 50/50 that covid guidelines will have changed again by the morning. It may be an adventure…who knows?


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