A post a Day (APAD) APAD Day 10 Squirreling

Oh, Look a squirrel!

As I Was looking for a picture of a school bus to use in a blog post, I got distracted when I saw an ad from a company that was selling them. This is an excerpt from the ad

Our entire inventory is available to you at your fingertips if you choose the Used Inventory tab at the top of the screen. Then, you can click on any of the links to your liking from the drop-down menu to start browsing. We even carry buses that are under $10,000 if you happen to be on a budget. As you’re looking around trying to find the one that will suit your needs, you will be able to see some photos as well as a brief description of the features that are included and how many miles it has on the odometer. Not just that, once you click on an image, you’re going to be taken to a page that shows a breakdown of all of its specs along with green score information and crash-test ratings.

THAT’S ME!!!! I’m on a budget!!!!

hmmm maybe I could sell my house for way more than it’s worth, buy a bus and live in that?!?? ( I mentioned I do feel like I live in my car) Since the temperatures are less than freezing in Illinois, now would be a perfect time for me to head back down to Florida for the Winter. I wouldn’t even have to rent a moving truck.

On second thought, maybe I don’t sell my house. I let my roommate have the whole house for the winter ( along with the bills) and I come back when Florida is too Hot during the summer. Maybe I’m on to something?!?!? These random thoughts continued for the next hour or so and eventually I ran out of the time I had allotted myself to write for the day.

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