A post a day APAD Day 11 Putting the kids (my parents) on the bus for the first time

The county I live in has this wonderful transportation service that provides Bus rides to all residents of the County regardless of age. Door-to-door service and connections with other transportation services are available.  Donations are accepted for those age 60+ and low-cost for everyone else.  Drivers will assist riders over 60 and those with disabilities by unloading groceries and carrying to the door.

I think I mentioned before that my mom has dementia, but I don’t think I have ever mentioned that she had polio as a child and as a result has always walked with a brace or a cane. She falls alot and hasn’t been able to climb stairs for many years. My father is losing his eyesight, and while he is still legally able to drive I don’t believe that will be the case for much longer. When I was in the wheelchair a couple of years ago, I needed to use this service to get to and from my infusion etc. When you live in the boondocks like me, owning a vehicle is a must. Even physically fit people don’t walk to the store or out for dinner etc. There are no bus lines, taxis, or trains in the country.

My parents and I were supposed to take the bus to a senior center last week. Last minute circumstances prevented them from riding the bus with me to the center, but I did and they met me there. This week they rode the bus themselves!!!!! I was there to put them on the bus and answer all their questions, but they did it…and I was so proud I had to take a picture!


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