A post a Day APAD Day 14 Just replace the damn roll

Have you seen a picture or a meme about the “proper way” to put a toilet paper roll on the holder?

Now you have

It cracks me up about the silly things people argue about. Obviously, I don’t care which direction it rolls, I just need there to be some where I expect it to be….. ON THE TOILET PAPER HOLDER!!!!!!! It’s a bonus to have a nice supply under the bathroom sink as well. But baby steps for now.

In my house, Einstein wants the toilet paper to come out OVER the roll, like the picture on the left. I just want it to be on the holder. I have tried to tell him that it he wants it a certain way, HE should make sure that he is the one to put it on. Surprisingly, I don’t currently have a picture of the various places he puts the roll…. on the sink, on the tank, and my favorite on the floor…. SMH!!!!!

Because this is an ongoing battle in our home and I am passive aggressive, I am sure I will come back and update this blog with pictures some day. Along with instructional video for him and youtube.

For now though, I will print and hang these things in our bathroom for the NEXT time……..

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