A Day of Posts ADAP Day 18 Is this still your number?

We all get THOSE calls, well at least in the United States we do. You know the calls or texts telling you that your car’s extended warranty is expiring and you MUST ACT NOW!!!!!. SCAM!!!!!! Kind of funny when you don’t have a warranty or even a car right? But how about a text from a local number reading like this…” Hey Grace, is this still your number? It’s (insert a name you know here)” My first thought was “Hmmm, there is a new it’s your car’s extended warranty scam surfacing?!?!?. My next thought was, “you know I do know an (insert name here) , she was a really nice person. Shrug, “WTH?” I thought and replied with, “Yep” and set the phone down.

I went into the other room to tell Einstein what I did, fully expecting him to chastise me for my ignorance. When the text chirped again 5 minutes later….We looked at each other thinking…. “dumbass, probably shouldn’t have done that”. I KNEW better. I shrugged again, and finished what I was doing before going to retrieve my phone.

It was another text from that same number. THAT part didn’t surprise me in the least.

BUT the message itself did

IT REALLY WAS (insert name here) with a VERY SWEET message saying that she was enjoying reading my blogs again.


That message MADE MY FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!

This happened two days ago and I’m still on a high about it. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to say such sweet things!!!

Earlier this weekend a blogger friend of mine dropped a LINK to my blog giving me some credit for lighting the blogging fire under his ass again. AWWWWWW another warm and fuzzy feeling moment. Thank you Steve!

Two weeks ago, another blogger, cowpattymt made my day when she offered me the encouraging words “Go for it girl, I like your posts” in the comment section of one of my APAD posts.

Thank you for the positive vibes! Part of the reason I disappeared last year was because I couldn’t handle all the negativity in the world and needed time to recharge. I’m glad I have your for company!!!!

For my European and Canadian friends, Do you also get scam telemarketing calls about expiring warranties etc?

5 thoughts on “A Day of Posts ADAP Day 18 Is this still your number?

  1. We get scam telemarketing all the time and thank god for smart phones so I can pretend I didn’t understand or say I’m busy, could you call me in 5 kinda shit, before I block them. How beautiful is that!

    Glad you’re back, fully charged!

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