A Post A Day APAD Day 21 Grandma is my name

My favorite name is Grandma

Of all the things I have been called, I think Grandma is my favorite! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED being called Mommy, but it wasn’t long that Mommy lasted. At least not in the cute endearing way it sounds the first time it comes out of your child’s mouth. Now when I am called mommy, its usually a sarcastic response from me asking (parenting) Einstein or my parents if they remembered to do something.

Yep Grandma is my favorite. To be honest it’s really not even the word Grandma. It’s the gleam in the boys eyes when they see me. It’s the arms that are raised as high as possible asking me to pick them up or hold them. The fingers that find there way into mine when we are going to try something new that MIGHT be a little frightening. Overall its the warm fuzzy feeling that radiates from my entire body….all because I am a Grandma!

This is how we spent a good portion of the evening last night, and I hope for many more hours of this before I go home next week…so I’m off for now!


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