A Post a Day APAD Day 22 Off the hook

Before I leave on a trip, I sign into any account on my phone or laptop that I may need (airlines, hotels, movie accounts etc) just to make sure I don’t have to remember a password or get locked out when I have no way to look it up. I was signing into my United app and the message came up that I was signing in from a new device…bullshit, but whatever. The next thing that happens is the dreaded secret questions to make sure it’s you pop up.

After I entered my answers, and signed in, I looked at Einstein and said, “you know the make of my first car isn’t really a secure answer, nor is what I wanted to be when I grew up, Anyone that went to high school with me would know those answers!!!!” He didn’t. Yes I was a bit put off. ( we have known each other since we were teenagers)

When I arrived in Colorado, I was repeating the story to Thing One, and said….. “Ok, you get to decide If I am mad at your dad. If you know the answers to these questions he is in hot water.” I think she knows me better than anyone and she didn’t know the answers either, so I guess Einstein is off the hook? 😉

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