A post a Day APAD Day 23…. Not what I expected

My mom has been asking me to take her for a manicure for 100 years ( or close to it). I have offered to take her and drop her off many times, but she wants the bonding thing too. The girls and I have gone a couple times in the past to celebrate our birthday week, but to be honest pedicures are not normally my cup of tea. (The bonding time is though, which is why I go). I have a really really hard time sitting still. If you get stuck with someone who is having a bad day or doesn’t speak English, sitting there feels like imprisonment. In December, I finally broke down and made an appointment for my mom and I. I told the receptionist that the purpose was mother daughter bonding. I was getting a pedicure and my mom a manicure. ( I really should show you what I did to my finger soon). The experience was horrible. No one was on time. The girl who was doing my feet, was constantly complaining about her husband. They didn’t even start my mom’s manicure until they were almost done with me. (She was waiting in the lobby during my treatment)…Overall a total joke. Of Course I fake smiled alot and agreed to try again sometime in the future at a different salon. 😦

When I got home from the salon that day, I called Thing One and told her about the experience. She told me that she was making us an appointment for pedicures at “her place” when I came to visit. Of course my first thought was, “Oh, joy!…smh”, but the whole bonding thing….OK.

C’mon we’re going to the bar

When I woke up yesterday morning, Thing One said, “We’re going to the bar today.” I have not heard that phrase in over 20 years. (I quit going to bars in whatever year they made smoking in them illegal.) I honestly don’t remember if I have ever gotten an invitation to go to a bar at 9 am either, or from my daughter for that matter. But hey I will take a bar over a pedicure ANY DAY.

Not your usual bar

Little Did I know the bar and nail salon were the same place

This was our Bartender. I don’t remember her name, but she was a stitch. She definitely likes her job!!!!

The girls doing our pedicures were both very friendly and good at their jobs. This is the first time I have ever enjoyed a pedicure. I can honestly say I would go again…. (not just because of the company and the alcohol.)

I can never decide on a color, so today I didn’t. I just asked for one of each, or a rainbow. I got exactly what I asked for 🙂

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