A Post a Day APAD Day 27 …I thought you left him

I thought you left him

Yes I did!!!

and then I went back…

.and then I left again….

you’ve heard the story before I’m sure.

It’s no lie that things got pretty bad between Einstein and I again toward the end of last year. Bad enough that I went back to MY HOUSE again. We took some time apart and both agreed that we have too much time, energy, and money invested in our relationship to permanently throw in the towel. Custody battles with Dogs are no more fun or less painful than the ones involving children. The last time I left was in February of 2018. The Elephant in the Room. While we did end up getting “back together” we each own our own house. We primarily live at his house and mine is the escape house since I rent half of it out to a “friend/roomate”.

After some time apart in December, we both agreed that there were things that we could both change. I’m not going to air our dirty laundry at this time. (Actually I think I have literally done that in the past.) Laundry blog here. But I will tell you one of the major changes. Einstein quit his job. He was absolutely miserable there, and I can understand why. I have encouraged him to quit for years. He finally did, with the promise he would bitch less and have more to give to us. I really hope that is the case. At the same time, I don’t want to be around anyone 24/7. I mean anyone! I am used to having the full run of the house for 8-10 hours a day if I want. These last couple of weeks with him home have been difficult, but they are necessary while he figures out his next path. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that this man CAN accomplish anything he puts his mind to, now its a matter of figuring out which direction that is going to be.

Have you ever heard the song, It’s What He didn’t do- by Carly Pearce? It’s not only very catchy, but I think it paints a good picture of where we ended last year. I am not holding my breathe, but I am not done yet.

Partial Lyrics to What He Didn’t Do- Carly Pearce

And I’ve got my side of the story and he’s got his side, too
So I ain’t gonna go and tell you what he did
But I’ll tell you what he didn’t do

Treat me right, put me first, be a man of his word
Stay home ’cause he wanted to
always fight for my love, hold on tight like it’s something
That he couldn’t stand to lose
The devil’s in the details, I won’t tell the hell that he put me through
All I know is in the end, it wasn’t what he did, no
It was what he didn’t do

I was searching for a “relationship help” book on Amazon. There are 1000’s. Can anyone recommend one? If not here, maybe message me? Thank you in advance.


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