APAD Day 36 5:50 am Phone call

It takes me minute to realize that my favorite song is playing, not because I left the radio on, but because my phone is ringing. I open one eye and see that it’s still dark….. OH Shit! I’ve gotten enough of these calls in my life to know this is not a good thing. As I try to locate my phone, which has now stopped ringing, I realize I have been repeating “please don’t let anybody be dead” over and over in my mind. My hand is trembling as I try to remember the code to unlock my phone.

No One Died

OK! I have 3 missed calls from my dad, 2 from my sister in law, and a text saying, “call your dad, mom is hospital”. PUSH THE COFFEE BUTTON GRACE! I push the button and call my Dad. Thankfully he answers right away and there is no noise in the background. (I’m thinking no sirens or crash carts) My dad explains that my mom fell, split her head open, lots of blood and the ambulance is taking her to Hospital A on Blank Street. (Hospital B is on Blank street, hospital A is on not blank street?!?!? but ok). My Dad continues to say, “They have a no visitor policy, and if she is ok they will bring her home”…… Yep I’m gonna need that coffee!

Excuse me, I’m trying to find my mom

I asked my dad, “Other than trying to find her, what do you need me to do? Are YOU Ok?” He responded that yes he was ok, and to just find her please. In my family, this means “please take control and fix this”. Ok will do. My third call found her. She is at Hospital B on Blank Street. I am listed as her Emergency Contact, they have Power of Attorney on file, and they are aware that she has Dementia. They do have a no visitor policy because of Covid, unless….well we will not go there, but they will call me to keep me posted.

I’ve had some kind of sickness (upper respiratory thingy) since I came home from Colorado last week. Both of the boys were sick while I was there and all that cuddling passed their colds to me. I don’t want to go anywhere near people right now.

So now we wait.


They have admitted her to the hospital. Although the scans all came back clear, she did need stitches and is unable to put any weight on her legs. Because of covid, they will not allow anyone in to see her. I did deliver her phone charger and a laptop so that hopefully I can get a better picture of her current situation and calm her down later today/


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